Difference Between a Server and a Cloud Hosting?


Amaury here, I’m the co-founder and CEO of a b2b market. His question is: What’s the difference in a server and cloud hosting? Before I answer this question, let’s give some context. Sasha has already developed the first version, and now they are working to develop the second. They are looking at Amazon Web Services to provide cloud hosting. The cloud is usually a great option as we don’t rent a server, but rather we buy a delivered service.

Server is basically that you’re in a Datacenter. You’ll rent one server and this server B will be yours.

Your files and databases may be affected by this. You’ll need to reinstall all your data on the new server, then move your domain name to the new IP. It can take up to 24 hours to complete the task. Let’s now look at cloud services. Amazon Web Services is a global data center that has thousands of computers. When you use their services, you won’t have one server assigned to your service. Instead, the service you purchase will be sent to that server.

It can be spread across many servers or even multiple data centers. For example, you might have services for applications. Next, you may have services to our drive or storage. Finally, you will have service for AI or backup services. This is what a cloud provider uses to automatically route client requests. When someone is in front of their computer, he will ask for something.

You can also transfer requests to another server, even if you have thousands of requests.

Architecture has three major drawbacks. The first is the technology dependencies, secondly the cost and third, the application must be adapted to it. Now, if you like Sasha have a specific question about your project, go ahead and ask on myctofriend.co. I will either answer it by video or redirect to existing content. Be sure to also check out other content on myctofriend.co to get more information about growth startup.

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