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This video was produced by 10 Web, an automated WordPress platform for agencies. Automate hosting, speed optimization and migration, site-building and management and you can skyrocket agency growth. You can get a 14-day free trial to experience true automation. Welcome back to our channel. Today’s video will cover everything you need to know about WordPress Cloud Hosting. I also included our top 3 choices for 2021’s best providers. So relax and let’s get right into it! If you are already using cloud hosting, please take a moment and tell me which one in the comments below. Don’t be confused if WordPress Cloudhosting is not what you think it is. Let me simplify it.

This is the place to go if you don’t want to learn all of the developer-speak. WordPress hosting is WordPress-specific. It is targeted at WordPress- AKA, the most popular content management system in the world. What does it mean for a website to be hosted on Cloud? It is when a hosting provider keeps all the data of a particular website on multiple virtual server, which can be deployed on different physical servers. This is a very different style from web hosting that stores data on a single server. This video will provide more details about the various types of hosting. What is cloud hosting? Let’s take a closer look. This image shows how cloud hosting virtualizes two physical servers.

Into multiple servers. Information linked to a website is distributed among them. The virtual servers act as a network, pulling information from websites more dynamically. You have a lot of administrative flexibility, independence, and the cloud system can automatically move your virtual servers into another physical server. You may now be asking yourself, “Is WordPress Cloud hosting right for me?” This style of hosting is quickly becoming popular. It’s open to anyone who desires the best.

Hosting is the best of all worlds because it offers high-quality hosting services at a reasonable price. This makes it a must-have for agencies, an excellent option for freelancers or developers, and is becoming more popular for all website owners. Let’s examine the pros and cons to cloud hosting. It’s not as simple as it seems. They’ll give you an OS-level environment and virtualized hardware resources such vCPU. But, in order to set up WordPress, you still need to set up PHP,  the webserver, database, and other dependencies. But.

How can you avoid having to do the entire setup and configurations? You can choose WordPress cloud hosting instead of general Cloud hosting. This allows you to set up all the environments via managed/automated hosting. Then, you can relax. Let’s now look at the benefits of WP Cloud Hosting. Number one on the pro list, is of course whateveryone looks for and expects – “demands”* in a website. Speed. Cloud hosting does not use a physical server network, but a group of virtual ones. Your site will be able to retrieve all the information it requires faster. Without the risk of your site going down due to crashes. Load balancing is a second benefit that connects to the first. Cloud load balancing works through distributing workloads.

You can also share the resources in a cloud environment. This spreads traffic load to your site across multiple virtual local area networks. Your website will be able handle large traffic without slowing down. Scalability is number three on our list. This is the ability of the cloud hosting service to scale and then adjust to your website’s resources. Scaling in the cloud is easier and quicker than scaling in a physical server. This is because it requires manually adding RAM and hard disks to the server and can take several weeks. Your website will continue to work optimally and welcome all new visitors because scaling is possible in the cloud.

Your website’s speed, performance, and user base will depend on the server you use and how many people are using it. Cloud allows you to easily move your website between data centers. Data centers are the next benefit. Cloud hosting providers often offer a global network of data centers. This allows you to connect your website with different regions and thus, different audiences. This means that if a visitor is from Australia and wants to visit your site, their information will be transmitted with the assistance of the nearest data center. This could even have an impact on your website’s reach, and possibly bring you more visitors. It’s not too bad, is it? We must also talk about security. It is a waste of money.

You can spend your time and money creating a beautiful website but if it’s not safe, why should you? Cloud hosting saves you money and time. If your server is ever attacked, content generated from another virtual server will be protected. This means that your website will not be down for any reason. Finally. One web server can host many websites, much like a chaotic neighborhood. Cloud hosting keeps neighbors apart. This means that any security issues that might occur to them won’t affect your website. Loving your neighbor does not mean that you must go with them down. The last and most important pro is:

Flexible pricing. Given all of the advantages WordPress cloud-hosting brings, it may seem a bit more expensive. However, virtualization can reduce operating costs, space needs, and server energy usage. This allows for hosting costs to be kept to a minimum. Cloud hosting offers the best of all worlds. I was serious. WordPress Cloud Hosting has few disadvantages. It’s not cheap, but it’s affordable and offers so many! You should be aware that not all plans will work for you. You may not be aware of hidden fees until you sign up. Make sure you choose a reliable hosting provider.

To reap all of the benefits without having to dig deeper into your pocket. You may be wondering what the benefits of WordPress cloud hosting are. Next, you need to choose the best WordPress Cloud Hosting provider. Lucky for you, I have compiled the top three options. 10Web is number one! 10Web is powered by Google Cloud and an Automated WordPress Platform. 10Web’s ‘premium Tier’ network delivers traffic over Google’s highly reliable global network. This ensures that your website’s data is securely and quickly transported. Do you recall how I stressed the importance datacenters in providing an excellent user experience? And attracting new audiences? With 12 data centers, 10Web has you covered.

Across four continents. Your website can be used to establish long-distance relationships and connections with global audiences. 10Web has a state-of the-art infrastructure that includes: 99.9% uptime guarantee, SSD storage—because we know too many is not enough, advanced caching, which will help your website rank higher on Google, as well as elastic scaling. 10Web uses elastic scaling in order to adapt to spikes in traffic. They charge only $2 per month for every additional 10,000 visitors or 5GB SSD storage. But that’s not all. 10Web is an Automated WordPress Platform, which sets it apart from other hosting providers.

Because it is time-saving and prioritizes optimization, this makes it a great choice for agencies. What automated features are available? Automated features include the ability to migrate an existing website to 10Web’s platform without losing data; manage your websites from our intuitive dashboard; automate hosting services like caching, staging and scheduled backups; security scans; and free SSL certificates. Last but not least, 10Web guarantees a PageSpeedScore of 90+ for desktop and mobile. Did I mention affordability as an advantage of WordPress Cloud Hosting? Our agency plan costs only $6 per site with 10Web and includes white labeling.

VIP support allows for 400,000 monthly visits and 50 GB storage. We at 10Web believe the proof is right in the pudding. Therefore, we invite you to check out our 14-day, no-credit card required trial. Discover the power of automation and see for yourself! Kinsta is the next provider on our top-rated WordPress Cloud hosting list. Kinsta is a managed WordPress Hosting provider that’s best suited to business websites. It provides hosting powered by Google Cloud and benefits from the premium tier network. Kinsta is committed to protecting your website’s security. It monitors and secures websites 24 hours a day. Kinsta does not guarantee a speed score but uses the most up-to-date technology.

It is a technology that creates a fast website. Kinsta offers a variety of migration credits depending on which plan you have. You will need to pay $100 each additional migration after you have used up your migration credits. Scalability refers to the fact that every request is processed by an idle resource, which is in this instance RAM or CPU. One of the most important features of Kinsta are its 28 data centers all over the world. And we know that results in a great user experience—globally. Kinsta plans start at $50 per site and range in price from $30-$1500. This plan.

Allows for 100,000 visitors and 30GB of disk space. Our final pick for the 2021 top WordPress Cloud Hosting providers is here. WP Engine is the final choice. WP Engine, the most popular managed WordPress hosting provider is a great choice for developers. WP Engine was the first WordPress Digital Experience Platform (or DXP) to offer NextGeneration hardware via Google Cloud Platform in 2019. This dramatically improved the speed and performance of hosted websites. WP Engine also utilizes a proprietary cachesystem, fully-managed content delivery networks, and scalable architecture in order to meet users’ speed needs.

WP Engine implements multi-layered proactive security measures to protect your site. These include automatic WordPress upgrades to address vulnerable site code, database containment and intelligent bruteforce prevention and blacklisting. WP Engine is available at 11 Google datacenter locations. However, a few of these are reserved for upgrades. You can migrate one website using the starting plan. WP Engine and Kinsta are both great managed WordPress Cloud hosting providers.

However, they cannot match the services and automated system 10Web offers, as well as its very affordable pricing and guaranteed 90+ PageSpeed Score. This is it folks, all you need to know about WordPress Cloud Hosting with our top three providers. I hope you enjoyed the video. You can find more amazing content like this on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 10Web, an automated WordPress platform that is specifically designed for agencies, provided this video. Automate your agency’s growth by automating hosting, management, site-building, speed optimization, migration and site-building. You can experience true automation by signing up for a 14-day trial.

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