72 Best Keyword Tools & Spy Tools

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your marketing career, or you are already a seasoned marketer, it’s important to keep up with the latest market trends. What the hell are you supposed to do? This is how you spy on competitors’ ads!

It’s important to check out which promotional materials (banners, landing page) affiliate marketers are using. Analyzing how other affiliate marketers do things will help you create a strategy that can earn big. However, you shouldn’t become obsessed with spying tools and turn it into an addiction. Why?

We know there are many, and we want to make sure you choose the best one for your needs! These are the best tools for spying on ads of your competitors, so you can understand and follow the techniques that you can use to expand your spying abilities to the maximum!
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Keyword & Spy Tools

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AdbeatDisplay, Search9020$249 / $39920%Spy on Your Competitor's Ad StrategieVisit SiteMeet the Future of Competitive Intelligence
Being light years ahead of any other competitive intelligence platform is easy if you know how.

Of course, it's possible we just make it look easy. In reality it takes massive amounts of data, rich tools for producing insights, and robust, customizable reports that let you export the data that's most important. Discover why Adbeat is the go-to intelligence platform for the world's top advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

Adbeat has high quality data and global coverage across 120+ top ad networks.

Reveal media buying strategies, top creatives, landing pages, and estimated ad spend.

Generate amazing reports in a variety of formats. Set up Alerts so you never miss a thing.

Compare advertisers, dive into campaigns, and get detailed publisher data in just a few clicks.

DataIt all starts with raw data. Adbeat crawls the web on a massive scale to collect Desktop, Mobile, Native, and Pre-roll ads.
Complete Country & Device Data
Optimize your mobile data international campaigns Adbeat has data on over 20 different countries and mobile data for 4 different device types

Drill Down by Country & Device
Sort all advertiser data by country and device type. Power up your mobile and international campaigns by accessing advertiser data on 4+ device types and 20+ different countries.

Data On Over 90+ Ad Networks
Find out if a network sends profitable traffic before investing your ad dollars. Adbeat has data and insights for native ad networks like Taboola and Outbrain.

See how your competitors buy traffic from any publisher. Discover new ad networks and direct buy opportunities.
AdClarityDisplay, Social25$750Optimize Display Advertising campaigns with the AdClarity Marketing Intelligence Tool for Advertisers, Agencies, Publishers, Ad Networks,Visit SiteReal Ad Measurement
AdClarity is a competitive and business intelligence ad measurement solution which collects and aggregates hundreds of millions of real time ad occurrences viewed and interacted by our global human & virtual panels daily

We’ve Got You Covered
Display Advertising
Animated, static and rich media banner ads from publisher websites

Social Advertising
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social ads

In-App Advertising
In-App advertising in Android and iOS devices

Video Advertising
Pre, mid and post-roll video ads including Video streaming services

Programmatic vs Direct
Insights into brands programmatic buying and premium ad placements

Campaign Landing Page
Landing page per each ad collected,
including campaign name and keywords

Ad Platforms
Ad platforms, agencies and exchanges participating in each ad Impression

Advertising Expenditure
Estimates of brands’ Impressions, Spend, and Share of Voice
AdEspressoSocial$49 / $25914 daysStart driving results across Facebook, Instagram and ?Now ?Google with a free 14-day trial of AdEspresso.Visit SiteCreate
AdEspresso supports Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads campaign creation – creating all your campaigns in one place has never been so easy.

One solution, all the advertising channels you need – less time spent switching from one Ads Manager to the other, more time making money.

Web, PDF, Email, Excel – Get the actionable insights you need, when you need them.

Get easy access to your clients’ accounts and have them approve your campaigns before going live. In one click.

Take your marketing skills to the next level with the most trustworthy resources at your fingertips.
AdMobiSpyDisplay1470$49 / $59917%AdMobiSpy.com tracks mobile advertising around the world. Analyzes competitors advertising campaigns. Allows to track misleads and cloaking.Visit SiteAmazing boost for your campaign
Quick and easy search
More than 15 filters & keywords search are available
All around the world
Compare different advertising strategies for different GEO’s
Comprehensive statistics
See what competitors are trying to conceal from you!
Effective landing pages
Achieve success by actively applying the successful solutions
One-click downloading
for thousands of different ads and landing pages
Mass download function
fill become your favorite one and will save your time
Extended filters
will help to find the best solutions which suits you
Mapping relations
for ads and websites
AdPeriscopeAdult, Display856$89.99Spy On Adult Ad Campaigns from 55 countries and 250+ Mobile 3G/4G CarriersVisit SiteData From 56 Countries
3G/4G Data From 150+ Carriers
Landing Page Download & Deployment Tool
Access All Major Adult Ad Networks
Easily isolate affiliate offers
Adplexity AdultAdult, Display1275$19917%See which banners and landing pages are making money for your competitorsVisit SiteFind ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks
Download Every Landing Page
See which offer is being promoted on the landing page
See campaigns running in over 75 countries, covering every major country
Uncover mobile carrier traffic (120+ carriers supported)
AdPlexity MobileDisplay3575$19917%See which banners and landing pages are making money for your competitorsVisit SiteKeep Track of Your Competitor's Most Profitable Ad Campaigns on Mobile Traffic Sources
Make better marketing decisions by learning what ads are already successful. Get comprehensive data on profitable mobile campaigns.

See campaigns running in over 75 countries, covering every major country
Uncover profitable campaigns running on mobile popup traffic sources
Analyze in app ads running on thousands of Android apps we monitor
Download every landing page with page dependencies (images, css, javascript, ..) in a .zip straight off our user interface
Uncover hidden campaigns that are running exclusively on mobile carrier traffic (120+ carriers supported)
Get real time insight on campaigns running on mobile ad exchanges
Find ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks with a single click
Search by keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network & much more
Adplexity NativeNative731$24917%See which banners and landing pages are making money for your competitorsVisit SiteFind ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks with a single click
See campaigns running in over 31 countries
See Affiliate Network & Tracking Tool
Download Every Landing Page
Uncover profitable campaigns running on 7 most popular native ad traffic sources
Adplexity PushPush1180$14917%AdPlexity - The World's Best Competitive Intelligence ServiceVisit SiteFind ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks with a single click
See campaigns running in over 80 countries
See Affiliate Network & Tracking Tool
Download Every Landing Page
Uncover profitable campaigns running on 10+ push traffic sources
AdSectorSocial$249Take the guesswork out of designing ads that grab attention. Use what's already working on the internet to design the kind of advertisements that will get results!Visit SiteADSECTOR FEATURES
The Most Advanced Advertising Analytics Tool On The Market

Only AdSector lets you filter by Affiliate Networks. You can also filter by interest which gives you more insight into those "leads" But that’s not all.

It’s a proven fact, consumers emotionally connect with certain images. Discover which images can help you connect with potential customers.

Build a personalized database filled with the kind of ads you can use to build your own effective messages. Bookmark and save ads you like and then organize them to make finding what you need simple and quick.

AdSector offers the most comprehensive analytics in the industry. See everything you need to know about an ad on one page, making your research quick and simple.

Get all the information you need with a click of the mouse. Our cutting edge cross filtering features lets you filter pages by name, affiliate network or tracking system.
AdSpySocial$149The powerful software that keeps top advertisers innovating and holds social media organizations to account for their contentVisit SiteADSPY Features
We pushed ourselves to create the most comprehensively featured Advertising Intelligence Tool on the market. As well as its industry leading collection of data, AdSpy has unique features that others haven’t considered or can’t implement.

The features you expect - enhanced. Search by the text in the ad, the advertiser’s name, the number of likes it has, the type of media it uses, etc. Sort the results with clever filters: when was the ad last seen? How do users react? Which ad is the longest running? AdSpy is as powerful as you want to make it.

With our comment search, social media users are labelling ads for you. Search through ad comments with the keywords you think are important: monitor competitors’ brands, your own brands, or see what’s had positive or negative feedback.

Using its unrivalled network of contributors, AdSpy can accurately assess who an ad is trying to target based on their location, gender, and age range. Your competitors may be dominating in regions and across markets you haven’t yet considered: AdSpy can show you them all.

As affiliates ourselves, we've built the tool that we want to use. You can find ads by affiliate network, or search for specific affiliates and offers. Have you just been given a great offer by your network? Search via the Offer ID and see how others are promoting it. AdSpy also bypasses cloakers to ensure you have flawless information straight from the landing pages.

AdSpy simply has the largest pool of data available to you. If a hot product is kicking off and dropshippers need to know, you can be sure that AdSpy knows already.

It’s no small task to search through millions of records in seconds. Fast servers, efficient programming, clear interfaces, and well presented data ensures that nothing can slow your research.
AdVaultNative1319$97Spy native ads & copy winning campaigns with our massive database of 16,172,742 ads over 13 content discovery networks and 19 countries. And get $2300+ in native ad coupons.Visit SiteInstant landing page & funnel preview
Top ads, keywords and advertisers of the day, week and year
Contact every advertiser in the database
Identify and filter by redirects (possible affiliate marketers)
$2300 in ad credits
AffBank Spy ToolNative16174FreeFree ads spy tool for your business. Convenient tool to design creatives. You can find promo, sort promo and download promo for free at the ads spy tool page.Visit SiteThe main advantage is that it's free! Best ad spy tools ratings, as a rule, are compiled by commercial services. Ad spy tools free is the ideal solution for those who do not want to overpay for other people's creatives on paid ad services.

The second advantage is that you don’t need to download, install or configure anything. Ad Spying Tool can be opened from any browser. Just fill in the required info in the fields located on the right (such as keywords, network, geo) and the system will automatically display a selection of available creatives that belong to other people and fit your request.

In addition to other networks, you can also watch someone else's ads directly on Facebook which is currently one of the top sources of traffic. Free facebook ads spy tool is ideal for getting a steady income from ad offers without investing any of your own money into it. Free Native-Ads Spy Tool will let you stand out among your competitors.
AhrefsKeywords$99 / $9997-day trial for $717%The most complete keyword research tool on the market. Get thousands of keyword ideas, analyze their ranking difficulty and calculate their traffic potential.Visit SiteAhrefs is an All-in-one SEO toolset, with free Learning materials and a passionate Community & support
All-in-one SEO toolset

Optimize your website
Site Audit

Analyze your competitors
Site Explorer

Study what your customers are searching for
Keywords Explorer

Learn from your industry’s top performing content
Content Explorer

Track your ranking progress
Rank Tracker
AlexaCompetitive Intelligence$79Boost traffic and revenue with a full suite of SEO and competitor analysis tools. Discover new opportunities to find, reach, and convert your audience.Visit SiteContent Exploration
Identify the most successful content for a topic or website based on aggregated social engagement.

Site Overview
View a site's performance over time. Includes Alexa Rank, engagement metrics, upstream/downstream sites, audience geography, and more.

Site Comparisons
Analyze and track the performance of up to 10 sites at a time.

Sites Linking In
Identify sites that link to a site you’re interested in.

Site Keywords
View the top keywords sending traffic to a site from search results over the last 6 months.

Site Screener
Find sites that match your search criteria. Perform market research in an industry, discover partnership opportunities, and more.

Top Sites
View top sites globally, by country, and by category.
Anstrex NativeNative2865$69.992 daysThe only ad intelligence tool that you will need for spying on native ad campaigns as well as push notification ads.Visit SiteReal Time Push CPC Bids & History
Landing Page Ripper & Deployer
Unlimited Alerts On Competitors
Native Ads from 65 Countries
28 Native Ad Networks
Anstrex PushPush3794$89.992 daysThe only ad intelligence tool that you will need for spying on native ad campaigns as well as push notification ads.Visit SiteReal Time Push CPC Bids & History
Landing Page Ripper & Deployer
Unlimited Alerts On Competitors
Push Ads from 94 Countries
37 Push Notification Ad Networks
AnswerThePublicKeywords, Competitive IntelligenceFree / $9920%Find out what questions and queries your consumers have by getting a free report of what they're searching for in GoogleVisit SiteGet instant, raw search insights, direct from the minds of your customers
There are 3 billion Google searches every day, and 20% of those have never been seen before. They’re like a direct line to your customers’ thoughts…

Sometimes that’s ‘How do I remove paper jam’. Other times it’s the wrenching fears and secret hankerings they’d only ever dare share with Google.

Discover an untapped goldmine of content ideas
AnswerThePublic listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.

It’s a goldmine of consumer insight you can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products and services. The kind your customers really want.
AppticaSocial, Apps$900In-app advertising data for Android/iOS by countries and categories. Top networks, advertisers and publishers. Best creatives, ad campaigns.Visit SiteSolutions to grow your mobile business

Market Analytics
An advanced system provides data on 5.5 million applications in App Store and Google Play. Get the all-round view at the marketplace with Apptica analytics. Explore the newest market trends, get competitive insights, and optimize your mobile business.

Ad Intelligence
Explore the largest Ad Creative Gallery with over 6 million creatives, learn the best UA strategies from mobile apps of your category and enhance ROI with minimal loss.

Custom reports & feed
Awareness is the key to success! Never miss any important updates with our custom tools and easily track the core metrics of any application.
BigSpySocialFree / $399BigSpy - It is #1 FREE Facebook ad spy, Instagram ads spy, Yahoo and Twitter adspy tool, with almost 100 millions of Ads, 10K Ads updated hourly. You could get trending, latest ideas from the Facebook Ad transparency .Visit Site#1-ADS SPY TOOL
ADs Include Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest...
Recommended By Neil Patel, ATP Software, Thanh, Ricky, Akash, Melnick, Alok ...

The Must-have for every team
Completely premium software for
[ media buying ] [ ad designing ] [ advertising ] [ ads agency ]
[ user acquisition ] [ market niches ] [ product inspirations ]

Alternative Text
Multi Platforms
Including ads from 6+ major social networks.

Big Ad Database
Intuitive data base and continuous insight over 1 billion ads.

Powerful Search
Searching and filtering by ad types, countries, formats, industry type, CTA, date ...

Featured Ads
Daily trending Ads picked by big data and our intelligence.

People Tracked
Daily discovering new ideas or niches tracked by thousands of users

My Tracked
Tracking performance curve or ad scheduling by your own preference
BuzzSumoKeywords, Competitive Intelligence$99 / $49920%Run a search to quickly discover content ideas, uncover platform insights, identify passionate influencers and more. Start your free trial now!Visit SiteWhy choose BuzzSumo?
Millions of marketers rely on BuzzSumo to reveal the truth about what content works and what sinks without a trace. Our platform has four key components:

Explore high-performing content so you can get more likes, links and shares.

Analyze billions of data points to sharpen your marketing strategy.

Identify influential people to power-up your brand or campaign.

Track comments and trends so you can respond rapidly and
capture opportunities.
ErospyAdult, Display-60$125#1 ADULT ADS INTELLIGENCE TOOL Get insight in ad campaigns from all major adult sitesVisit Site60 countries, desktop & mobile
Find ads by placements such as NTV A, header, in-video
For every ad, timeline shows all countries where an ad was active and all sites where an ad was running on each date
Catch all the different landing page variations that were being used for each ad
Instantly discover the best performing, highest bidding ads
Follow.netDisplayFree / $29740%See competitive intelligence information on any website and follow their activities with Follow. Traffic Estimate, SEO, SEM, Display Advertising Data & Much More.Visit SiteGet insights on any website
Over 30,000 people use Follow to gain valuable competitive insights which help them make better-informed decisions in their own business.

Enter a website
Example Searches: airbnb.com, audible.com, creditreport.com.

View data quickly
Follow allows you to see a high-level overview of any site, across a variety of sources.

Traffic Estimates
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Display Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Reverse IPs

Combine multiple sources
We pull data from many partners to bring you the widest & most comprehensive, high-level overview of any site's marketing data.
Google Keyword PlannerKeywordsFreeFind the right keywords to use in your Google Ads campaigns with our Keyword Planner tool.Visit SiteChoose the right keywords
The right keywords can get your ad in front of the right customers, and Google Ads Keyword Planner is here to help.

How Keyword Planner works
Get help with keyword research and selecting the right terms.

Discover new keywords
Search for words or phrases related to your products or services. Our keyword research tool will help you find the keywords that are most relevant for your business.

Research keywords
Our keyword research tool gives you insight into how often certain words are searched and how those searches have changed over time. This can help you narrow your keyword list down to the ones you really want.

Get bid estimates
Keyword Planner will give you suggested bid estimates for each keyword, so you can determine your advertising budget.

Make your plan
Once you’ve found the keywords you like, you can add them to your advertising plan. Save your plan for future reference or share with your business team. When you’re ready, you can finalise and launch your campaign.
Google TrendsKeywordsFreeExplore what the world is searchingVisit SiteExplore what the world is searching
IdvertNative, Adult-60$19930 daysSocial, DSP, Ecommerce Ads Intelligence All-in-OneVisit SiteDetail AD analysis and advertising strategy
Cover all the code of the real Money page, easy to download and use
Learn about all of its traffic sources and percentages from
Engagement trending daily monitoring
Cover Facebook, Native Ads and Adult
iSpionageSearch, Competitive Intelligence$59 / $29915%Steal Your Competitors' Traffic & Uncover Their Conversion StrategyVisit SiteSteal Your Competitors' Traffic & Uncover Their Conversion Strategy

SEM Watch - Local + National
NEW! Local paid search ads campaigns monitoring, in multiple countries
Benchmarks of impression share at a local and national level
Custom Users’ Journey report from ads, keywords to landing pages

SEO Watch
Keyword search rankings monitoring, across Google and Bing
Competitive analysis and interactive share of voice
Content gap analysis

Competitor Research
Competitors’ analysis
PPC keywords and ad copy Effectiveness
Index score
Competitors’ Users’ Journey report
SEO keywords, keyword grouping and
landing pages snapshots
JaaxyKeywordsFree / $99Jaaxy is the Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool Built for Internet Marketers. Use Jaaxy to Reveal the Hottest and Most Profitable Keywords OnlineVisit SiteJaaxy is the industry's only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There are an incredible number of hands on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keyword and competition research can now be a breeze!

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.

With over 500 Million "brand new" search terms being searched every day, it is important that you have a keyword tool that can offer accurate traffic, competition, and domain insights into billions of keywords. Jaaxy is that tool.

With the Keyword Research Tool, you are going to be able to quickly discover unique, hot and untouched keywords that you will then be able to use to drive your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights.

Niches, Exposed & Uncovered.
There are literally millions of niches online, many of which have little to no competition. Having access to the Brainstorm, Affiliate Search, and Alphabet Soup platforms within Jaaxy are going to give you true insights into brand new niches...without you having to do the dirty work.

Whether you are looking for a new business idea or looking to dig into the deepest corners of your existing niche, Jaaxy is going to be your power tool.

To Beat Your Competition, You Need to Know More Than Them.
For a better word, Jaaxy is going to allow you to "spy" on your competition and probe into WHY their websites are ranking, where they are ranking, and you will get insightful data into their website's content structure, meta tags, content quality/length, backlinks, ad placements, along with other information that the competition simply doesn't want you to have. Plain and simple, this information is going to give you a competitive edge.
Keyword EverywhereKeywords$10 / $1000Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on for Chrome & Firefox that shows search volume, CPC & competition on multiple websites.Visit SiteBrowser Add-on For Keyword Research
The Keywords Everywhere browser add-on can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox. The best part is that we show you monthly search volume, CPC and competition data of keywords on multiple websites.

Search Volume
This is an average of the total searches that people have performed for this keyword per month over the last 12 months.

Cost Per Click
The cost per click (CPC) is the amount that advertisers are paying for a single click for this keyword in Google adwords.

The Adwords competition is a gauge of the number of advertisers that are running ads on Google adwords for this specific keyword.

12 Month Trend
Individual monthly search volumes for the last 12 months let you see whether the keyword is seasonal or recently trending.

Tired of back and forth steps involved in Keyword Research?
Keywords Everywhere is going to save you a lot of time, time that would have otherwise been spent on copying data from one website while finding search volume from another. Keywords Everywhere lets you find long-tail phrases with their accurate search volume, CPC and competition data.
KeywordSnatcherKeywords$47 One TimePowerful New Software Finds Untapped Niches That Other Webmasters Are Overlooking!Visit SiteThis Powerful Software Finds Untapped Niches That Other Webmasters Are Overlooking!

Keyword Snatcher also generates local keywords
from a database of 3+ million cities! Just add your own keywords and get localized keyword phrases for virtually every country.
KeywordSpySearch, Competitive Intelligence$995#1 Keyword Software & Keyword Tool for Keyword Research & TrackingVisit SiteCompetitive Intelligence
Easily uncover the competition landscape by knowing your competitors’ PPC and Organic campaign strategies in seconds.

Keyword Research
Build a profitable list of keywords using your competitors’ keywords and by accessing a massive database of related and similar terms and phrases.

Budget Statistics
Know the ad spending of your target sites for you to benchmark your ad campaigns against other advertisers in your niche.

Market Reports
Get a detailed list of the top sites and keywords in the online industry. Check out who made it on top based on different search advertising criteria.

ROI Indicator
Pinpoint exactly the profitable keyword and ad-copy combinations of your competitors without the hassle.

Advanced Searches
Get the exact data you need by having powerful searching options such as searching by domain, keywords, destination URL and ad copy content.
KeywordTool.ioKeywordsFree / $19920%Keyword Tool Is The Best Alternative To Google Keyword Planner And Other Keyword Research ToolsVisit SiteFind Great Keywords Using Google Autocomplete
Play Store

Keyword Tool Is The Best Alternative To Google Keyword Planner And Other Keyword Research Tools
Here are a few reasons why:

Free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term
Unlike Keyword Planner or other tools, Keyword Tool is extremely reliable as it works 99.99% of the time
You can use Keyword Tool absolutely for free, even without creating an account

Are you a business owner, online marketer or content creator? If so, most likely you would like more people to visit your website, read your content and buy your products or services. The easiest way to achieve it is to find out what your potential customers or readers are searching for on Google and create content on your website around these topics.

Every search is an expression of people's needs, wants, interests and desires. Imagine how your business would benefit if you could analyze search trends on Google, find search terms that are related to your business domain and customize content on your website to serve the actual needs of your customers.

Keyword Tool will help you discover thousands of new long-tail keywords related to any topic by automatically generating Google's search suggestions. The keyword suggestions will be produced based on a Google domain and language that you choose.
KWFinderKeywords$49 / $12910 days40%KWFinder covers both traditional and competitor keyword research to help you find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. Try it for free!Visit SiteFind long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty
KWFinder is the only keyword research tool in the universe you will ever need. Seriously

Keyword difficulty tool
Find keywords that you can easily rank for
Keyword research is no rocket science. ?? Just go for the keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume. We have the most accurate SEO difficulty and exact search volumes!

Competitor keyword research tool
See what your competitors rank for
Don't know where to start? Find out what works for your competitors. Just enter their domain or URL and KWFinder will show you the best keywords they rank for. Easy-peasy ??.

Keywords with exact search volumes
Get search volumes with historical data
Timing is the key! Be ready and create content based on historical search volumes and long-term trends. Identify seasonal keywords and hot topics that will boost the organic traffic of your website.

Local keyword research tool
Local keyword research and SERP analysis
Find location-specific long tail keywords for your website! Select from more than 50k locations ?? and get precise local search results for each keyword.
Long Tail ProKeywords$37 / $677 days for $133%Using Long Tail Pro you can generate hundreds of keyword ideasVisit SiteFind Low Competition Keywords for Your Site in Minutes

Exact Search Volume, and Keyword Competitiveness
Long Tail Pro provides exact search volume data, as well as our industry-leading Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric. You can search for specific keywords, or get hundreds of keyword suggestions at a time.

Find Hundreds of New Low Competition Keywords
Use the Google AdWords Suggestions to find hundreds of new related keywords in minutes, for any country or language.

Pick the Best Keywords, with Personalized Metrics
View your domain statistics and pick the best keywords for your site. Use Target KC to find out which keywords are easy, which ones will take extra effort, and which ones to avoid.

Track Your Progress
Measure your success and keep tabs on how you're doing with the Brand New Rank Tracker feature in Long Tail Pro, fresh out of beta testing. Based on feedback from 70,000 marketers.

Focus Your Efforts
Know how close you are to the top result for all your keywords so you can hone in on your winning keywords and start seeing results even faster

Get it for FREE
Typical Rank Tracking software can cost you up to $99/month - and that's on top of all the other tools you use to help your business succeed... With Long Tail Pro, you get the Rank Tracking feature for FREE with any Monthly or Annual Plan!
MagicAdzSocial$99 / $79910%#1 Social Ads Intelligence Tool, discover the best social ads, spy on your competitors, and create winning campaigns.Visit SiteEmpower your business forward
No matter who you are, we'll help you do better.


Explore ads
Browse through thousands of daily new ads or millions of archived ones from 50+ countries.

Search by keywords
Tailor your search with keywords used inside ads, landing pages, comments, and more.

Filter by audience and ad type
Filter ads by their targeted audience, ad type, and engagement.

Ad Info & Performance
Find all the information and stats from each ad.


1-click E-Commerce
Filter ecommerce ads with 1-click from the biggest platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Analyze ecommerce ads & trends
Discover the best performing e-commerce ads and current trends in the industry.

Find profitable products
Find the best products to sell.


1-click affiliate ads
Filter affiliate ads with 1-click by their type or any of 22+ verticals.

Explore ads
Find all the affiliate information behind each ad such as trackers, redirect path, and more.

Download affiliate pre-landers
Download successful pre-landers
to use as template with 1-click.

Discover new affiliate offers
Browse trough the latest affiliate offers and find the best ones to run.

See all affiliate offer info
Find all the information behind each offer, such as their ads, networks, traffic, and more.

Affiliate Network

ind new advertisers & publishers
Search for the latest affiliate offers to run and all their information and stats.

Spy on your affiliates
Search for the ads your affiliates are using, and discover exactly how they advertise.

Understand your market share
Analyze how you stand against your competitors and understand your market share.
Majestic BacklinksKeywords$49 / $39915%Search our index for a keyword or phrase. See how many times it appears, and get the Search Volume for each keyword.Visit SiteMajestic is the home of …

Trust Flow
Trust Flow represents the quality of links that point to URLs and websites. A web page with higher Trust Flow than Citation Flow will usually have good-quality links.

Citation Flow
Citation Flow is a score which reflects the quantity of links that point to any given website. Citation Flow does not care whether a link is of good-quality, or poor quality.

Visibility Flow
The Visibility Flow score helps you to find desirable editorial-style links on high Trust Flow pages, rather than directory-style links (even when the directory Trust Flow is high).

Topical Trust Flow
With a score that shows where a website is positioned compared to the very best sites in over 800 categories, Topical Trust Flow illustrates the topical relevancy of a web page.

Flow Metric Scores
Each score represents a different measure of the impact of your content. Gain great insight from investigating where the balance between Flow Metric scores differ from the norm.
MixpanelCompetitive IntelligenceFree / $24Get valuable customers insights to make smarter decisions and act faster based on how customers use your product or website with Mixpanel. Try it free.Visit SiteBuild better products
The most powerful self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.

Analyze, measure, and improve your customer experience. Over and over again.

Powerful analytics to answer any question
Great products are built by teams who know their users. Mixpanel lets you go beneath the surface to answer questions about which features are popular, who your power users are, and the behaviors tied to long-term retention.

Simple reports for pulling the data you need, faster
Build funnels, see top user flows, create cohorts, and more with just a few clicks. No need to invest hours writing SQL or waiting on someone to do it for you.

Flexible data integrations for developers
A simple data model and APIs enable you to skip the plumbing and get back to building. Load data from your internal pipeline, a customer data platform (CDP), or our SDKs. From there, Mixpanel transforms it at query time, providing more analysis power with less upfront planning.
MoatDisplayMoat measures real-time Attention Analytics over 33 billion times per dayVisit SiteSolutions
Measure what matters:
From verification to ad impact
Maximize the potential of your ad spend by finding and optimizing the metrics that drive outcomes for your business.

Moat Analytics
Maximize every advertising dollar and deliver better business outcomes
Moat Analytics helps you identify the advertising activities that drive growth for your business by providing a comprehensive view of campaign performance across channels, formats, and platforms.

Moat Reach
Get full-picture measurement of TV and digital campaigns
Make smarter business decisions and improve advertising efficiency with a unified view of your prospective customers across platforms and channels.

Moat Outcomes
Steer your digital campaigns toward success
Moat Outcomes provides a real-time view into ad effectiveness so you can make smart, informed decisions about your ad spend.

Moat Pro
Real-time marketing and ad intelligence
Launch differentiated campaigns with a comprehensive view into your competitors’ digital advertising strategy.
Mobidea NativeNative2760$59.992 daysMobidea Spy Native is one of the most complete native ads spy tool and includes millions of ads. Learn more about our powerful and easy to use tool.Visit SiteNative Ads from 27 Ad Networks
Native Ads from 65 Countries
Download and Edit Prelanders in a few clicks
Real Time CPC Bids & History
Native Ads from 266 Affiliate Networks
Mobidea PushPush3296$79.992 daysMobidea Spy Push - The Most Powerful Push Ads Spy ToolVisit SitePush Ads from 32 Ad Networks
Push Ads from 96 Countries
Download and Edit Prelanders in a few clicks
Real Time CPC Bids & History
Push Ads from 111 Affiliate Networks
Moz Keyword ExplorerKeywords, Backlinks, Ranking, Domain Analysis30 daysWorld's most accurate keyword research tool for SEO with over 500 MILLION keywords. Full keyword analysis and planning with Ranking Keywords by URL, Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, and more. Find your perfect keywords.Visit SiteWith Moz Pro, you have the tools you need to get SEO right — all in one place.
Keyword Research
Understand search intent, find traffic-driving keyword opportunities, and rank higher for the keywords that drive conversions.

Rank Tracking
To know what's working, you need to accurately track how you're ranking for keywords. With Moz Pro, you can track your competition as well.

Site Crawl
Technical SEO doesn’t need to be daunting. Our crawler digs through your site to find technical issues and shows you how to fix them.

Content Optimization
Audit your on-page SEO and get recommendations to boost rankings.

Link Research
Get insights to help you attract quality, authoritative links.

Analytics & Reporting
Your work is valuable. Let Moz Pro help you prove it.
NativeAdBuzzNative1012$977 days for $750%EXPLODE YOUR NATIVE ADVERTISING Build winning campaigns by seeing what works for your competitionVisit SiteDiscover an unlimited supply of content ideas and identify which are working right now
Filter by 5 device types
Uncover the techniques employed by direct sales B2B and B2C marketers
Uncover converting funnels, ads and landing pages
Learn the secrets of top affiliates
PowerAdSpySocial, Native, Search, EmailFree / $349PowerAdspy is the best Facebook Ads Intelligence Platform with a Huge DataCenter consisting Millions of Facebook Ad examples | Creatives, Ready to be used Facebook Ads spy tool for Desktop/Mobile, Display/Video/Search Ads.Visit SiteThe most powerful Facebook advertising analytics tool
PowerAdSpy will adequately improve your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. It can find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, removing all the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research and more.

Filter By Ad Positions
You have the full control to research through as many as ads you like, segment the Facebook Ads based on positions as News Feed and Side Location to analyze which performs well in your niche to best conversions.

Complete visibility
To offer your crystal clear visibility of Ads analytics, PowerAdSpy allows you to visit the live ad posts directly from the platform. You can visit and cross check the real time engagement along with audience’s opinion over the ads.

Data Of Millions Of Ads From 15+ Countries
PowerAdSpy has the fastest growing data with Millions of Ads from over 15+ Countries so far. It empowers you to find the latest successful ads in just a matter of few clicks. We add thousands of fresh ads to our database everyday.

Narrow Down Your Searches
It comes with an ability to search ads based on your niche keywords, advertisers and even the domain of your competitors. Also you can visit the top performing advertiser/competitor and see almost all the ads they are running.

Bookmark The Best Ads
You may come across several ad concepts which you would like to use in your upcoming ad campaigns, bookmark them with just a click, and they will be moved to your personalized Ads inventory. No need to search them over and over again.

Powerful Search Algorithm
Find exactly the ads you are looking for by searching for popular keywords/phrases/terms within ads. You can then sort those ads by date, shares, likes and comments to easily find the best ads to grow your own campaign.

Engagement Oriented Details
PowerAdSpy delivers you engagement oriented details of Facebook ads. As social interactions helps you to identify which ads are really a winner in your niche.

Combination of Videos and Image Ads
There is no doubt that Images are great but video are definitely better, or at least they are the latest ads strategy that currently working best on Facebook. PowerAdSpy has the fastest growing category of Facebook Video Ads to give a better idea of what kinds of video ads your audience responds to and also allows you to download them for your own ad campaigns.

With its Huge Datacenter of Millions of ads, PowerAdSpy can provide highly precise information about the Geo-targets of your competitors, which helps you to identify audience readily interested in your product/services.

Call to Action Based Sorting
Call to Actions are the important factor behind the success of your ad campaigns. And with PowerAdSpy, you can figure out the best Call to Actions working in your niche.
QuantcastCompetitive IntelligenceQuantcast is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its application for brands, agencies and publishers.Visit SiteRadically simplifying advertising and privacy for publishers and brands
What do you want to do today?

Audience Insights That Help You Tell Better Stories
Quantcast Measure provides deep, real-time insights about who your audience is, what motivates them, and how they spend time across your properties. And it’s free. Get Quantified

Machine Learning Driving Human Learning
The Quantcast Intelligence Cloud unlocks a real-time understanding of your audience. Learn what motivates them, how they change and how you can influence them.

Brand To Conversion. Be A Part Of Their Journey.
Reach your desired audience along their path to purchase, with accuracy, at scale, at every point of their consumer journey.

Measure Your Impact. Manage Your Growth.
Get direct access to transparent measurement tools so you can manage your growth with clear and accurate data. Access the right metrics in real-time and get to know your audience better, faster.

Simplify Consent & Compliance Management
We help with privacy compliance, so you can focus on your business
QuestionDBKeywords$1030%QuestionDB is a tool that lets you search a massive collection of user questions to get original ideas for new content.Visit SiteWhy QuestionDB is the Best Blog Topic Idea Generator
QuestionDB is not your typical keyword tool. It can be be incredibly powerful and valuable for writers and marketers trying to grow a blog, but you need to use it correctly.

To get started, pick a broad keyword. For example, if you're a marketer, you might want to start with "seo" or "backlinks". If you're a nutrition writer, start with something like "keto" or "vegan".

If you choose the right keyword, that will return you a large list of questions.

From there, whether you're using the free or paid version of QuestionDB, you can dive deeper.

Come up with a list of seed keywords either from your experience or from that initial search. For example, if you're a nutrition blogger writing about the keto diet, your keyword list might look like:

keto dinner
keto diabetes
keto snacks
keto recipes
keto fasting
And so on...

Then search these individually on QuestionDB, and you will get a list of specific questions about these topics that you can use as content ideas for your blog.

And to help you write those topics, toggle the "source" button on so that you can click through to where the question was originally asked (and see what others answered).

How QuestionDB Works
Millions of questions have been asked on various websites over time. These questions reveal:

What problems people have
What people care about
What people are interested in
In other words, many great content ideas.

We're compiling these questions into a large, searchable database.

How QuestionDB Will End Your Content Ideation Frustration
As a freelance writer for many years, who typically has to suggest content ideas on a regular basis, it's usually easy to come up with the first few batches of ideas. And then...it's the most frustrating thing. You pull out your hair for 30-60 minutes at a time, straining just to come up with a short list of ideas.

If you just use most other research tools, you get the same ideas over and over...not so useful.

But because questions are continually added to QuestionDB, it will help you generate content ideas easily on a continuous basis - that's the beauty of it.
SECockpitKeywords$39 / $9935%Take Control of Your SEO With the World's Fastest, Most Effective Keyword Research Tool! SEO Software to find the most profitable niches & discover the best keywords to optimize.Visit SiteWhat makes SECockpit so good?

SECockpit convinces with its simplicity...
SECockpit takes a huge amount of data and summarizes the most important information in a simple overview. This way, you can see everything you need to know at a glance.

...without sacrificing quality and relevance.
If you want to find out more about a keyword, one click is all that is necessary - and the complete data evaluation including competitor analysis opens.

With SECockpit you'll find thousands of profitable Google Keywords in a matter of seconds - Better ones and more than your competitors.

Find thousands of valuable keywords within seconds

Keyword Research at Warp Speed
Overtake your competitors: While comparable keyword tools take 1-2 minutes per keyword, SECockpit will return up to 200 fully processed and analyzed keywords to you in just one minute.

But there's more: With clever sorting and filtering options you can save a lot of time and easily pick the most valuable keywords from the huge amount of results.

Reveal more keywords than your competitors

More Keyword Sources - More Keyword Ideas
In order to provide the best possible search results, SECockpit has access to more keyword sources than most other comparable tools. Per search query for your start keyword, SECockpit gives you hundreds of keyword ideas.

In addition to keyword ideas via Google AdWords, Google Suggest (Long Tail Keywords) and Google Related Searches, keyword ideas are also available via Amazon and YouTube Suggest.

Get data for each and every single keyword - and be better than your competition

Superior & Unrestricted Data Evaluation of Each and Every Keyword
Enjoy unrestricted keyword research!

With SECockpit, you get access to the best, most comprehensive SEO data available anywhere, as SECockpit is not limited to its own database or to a generally imited amount of data.

A full competition analysis is done for each and every single keyword. You will see a complete analysis of the top ten pages currently ranking for your keyword of choice.
SEMrushCompetitive Intelligence, Search, Keyword Tools$99 / $39916%All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionalsVisit SiteSMM & SERM
Social Media Management
Social media posting and analytics platform

On-page SEO
Audit your pages and get ideas to improve their health and SEO performance

Keyword Research
Discover all the best keywords to target and bring traffic to your site

Link Building
Find unexploited opportunities to strengthen your backlink profile

Local SEO
Optimize your site for local searches and get more local customers

Rank Tracking
Track daily changes of your target keywords in your target location

Content Marketing
Develop a powerful content strategy with data-driven solutions

Content Creation and Distribution
Create and share traffic-driving articles that resonate with your audience

Content Optimization
Get recommendations on optimizing your content to drive more organic traffic

Content Marketing Analytics
Assess your content performance to identify areas of improvement

Market Analysis
Analyze your position and get ahead of the competition in a current or new market.

Competitor Analysis
Increase your website traffic and improve performance with competitors’ winning strategies.

Paid Advertising
See the paid keywords and ad copy from your competitor's PPC ads.

Competitor PR Monitoring
Track your rivals’ online mentions and social media presence. Build your brand reputation.

PPC Keyword Research
Build your perfect paid search campaign with our keyword research tools.

Website Monetization
Monetize your audience with our powerful tools for bloggers, AdSense publishers, and affiliate managers.
SerpStatKeywords, Search$69 / $49920%Smart and powerful tool for ? Backlinks Analysis ? Rank Tracking ? Keyword Research ? Competitor Analysis ? Site Audit.Visit SiteKeyword Research
Supplement your website's content and ads with top-performing keywords and expand your online presence

Collect keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
Get a list of proven and profitable keywords that your competitors and niche leaders use to make it to the top positions in search results.

Determine the value of keywords
Compare your keywords to different performance indicators, such as search volume, cost-per-click, competition level or number of search results.

Find keyword variations and search suggestions to expand your semantic core
The combined impact of creating high-quality, relevant content and using the appropriate keywords will bump your domain and its particular pages to the top positions in search. Enrich your web content with tested keyword variations to successfully optimize your pages.

Get long-tail keywords
Don't miss traffic that you may get from low-volume search queries related to your product or services. Tons of potential customers query low-volume keywords. These keywords are called long-tail keywords, and they drive a significant amount of traffic on the Web.

Discover international data at no additional cost
Adapt keywords to target countries. Keyword research is available in all major languages spoken in the countries included in our database.

Check your webpages' relevance
Determine which pages are most relevant to specific search queries. Measure a page's relevance compared to competing pages. Discover missing keywords you might want to add to your page.

Analyze keyword trends
Get a better view of any keyword's popularity. An easy-to-understand graph shows how users' interest in a keyword has been fluctuating over the last year. Plan your ad campaigns according to seasonality and trends.

Find out what pages are showing up in search results for a keyword
Serpstat shows a full list of search results for a keyword along with additional data such as: organic keywords, the number of Facebook shares, and the potential traffic score for each individual page.
SimilarWebCompetitive Intelligence, Apps$199 / $49925%Market Intelligence Solutions to See all your competitors' trafficVisit SiteMarketing
Reveal best strategies from the market and your competitors
Uncover the best SEO and content strategies
Build & grow your affiliate and media partnerships
Enhance your display and paid search strategies

Understand your market, your competitors and your customers
Benchmark your market and find ways to grow your share
Analyze trends, competitors' strategy and audience behavior
Understand the shopper’s journey for smarter decisions

Enhance performance throughout your sales funnel
Find, enrich and qualify leads to increase sales opportunities
Generate the insights you need to perfect your pitch
Monitor website traffic statistics to boost retention

Evaluate companies and empower better investment decisions
Source, track and evaluate investment opportunities
Map markets and spot emerging players and market trends
Surface digital signals to inform buy, sell and hold positions

Meet the SimilarWeb Platform
Benchmark against your competitors and industry
Reveal your competition's analytics & online strategy
Discover new opportunities - partners, leads or affiliates
Identify emerging trends and new players
Understand consumer intent and journey
Social Ad ScoutSocial21$14733%Want to spy on social ads? Access millions of social ad examples from around the worldVisit SiteDetailed search filters
Search by text, URLs, redirects (ie. "voluum"), demographic information, geographic location, type of ad, performance indicators, when it was seen, the type of device, and more!

Exact targeting details
Until now, you had to "guess" targeting based on who saw the ads. We show you the exact targeting! Example: "50+ year olds in Canada", even if one 60 year old female saw it.

Detailed observations
We provide extensive breakdowns; including timelines, when and how often an ad was seen, how it ranked, who saw it and how many times, the devices it was seen on, etc.

Interact with live ads
In our search results, we provide you with the actual ad's screenshot. Clicking through shows a local copy of the ad that you can interact with; including playing any videos!

Download landing pages
No more dead or cloaked pages! We store all the landing pages - including their dependencies like images, videos, scripts and style sheets - in a compressed file to download.

Landing page details
We visit each ad's destination link using methods to defeat cloakers, log all the redirects, take a screenshot of the final page, permanently save it to download, and provide stats.
SocialPetaSocial45Essential Advertising Marketing Spy ToolVisit SiteOptimize Your User Acquisition Strategy
Discover top Creatives and Insight to Advertising Strategy and Market Dynamics

Get Inspiration from Ad Creative Spy
45 countries and 70 mainstream channels, 980M of creative materials
the latest materials are updated in real-time.

Insight Into the Ad Cost of Facebook
Audience Interests recommend with CPM, CPC, and KD.
Top Countries' Benchmark of CTR,CPM, CPC.
Find the secret of CPA like purchase, active, achievement, and so on.

Spy the Marketing Strategy of Your Competitors
TOP Advertisers
More than 5 million global advertiser data, material, text, network and other multi-dimensional analysis, grasp market dynamics.

Learn from your competitors
Follow popular advertising strategies to drive business growth and maximize revenue.
SoovleKeywordsFreeSearch suggestions and completions from the top providers on the internet. Easy to use, fast and efficient. Hit the right arrow to change engines, and use your arrow keys to search without all the typing. Let the web help.Visit Site
Sprout SocialSocial$99 / $249Form real connections with those who love your brand through the power of Sprout Social. See our social media management software solutions in action. Try it free.Visit SiteDiscover the most robust and cohesive social media business solution, built to scale
Understand your audience
Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data to inform marketing and brand strategy.

Reach your audience
Plan, organize, schedule and deliver content as a team with cross-network social publishing.

Engage your community
Streamline social monitoring and improve responsiveness with a unified inbox.

Measure your performance
Drive strategic decision making across the business with rich social data and dashboards.
SpyFuCompetitive Intelligence, Search, Keyword Tools$39 / $29920%Competitor Keyword Research Tools for AdWords PPC & SEOVisit SiteWhat Does SpyFu Do?
SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.

PPC Competitor Research
Search for a competitor. See every keyword they've ever bought on Google and every ad test they've run. Make their successes your own and avoid their mistakes.

SEO Competitor Research
Search for a competitor. See every keyword they rank on. Uncover the exact content and backlinks that lets them outrank you.

Keyword Research Tools
Search for a competitor. See every keyword they've ever bought on Google and every ad test they've run. Make their successes your own and avoid their mistakes.

Domain Leads and Top Lists
Create your own custom list of domains. Filter by industry, location, ad spend, search traffic, social media, and technologies.
SpyOverNative7115$149SpyOver.com tracks native advertising all around the world. Conducts analysis of advertising campaigns of competitors.Visit Site70 Affiliate networks
Download Landings and Ads in one click
Find new and trend products and bundles
Ad Sort by popularity, lifetime,novelty and by trend
Translation of ad text into English
SpypushPush8140$491 dayThe world's first service on monitoring of push notifications with the support of biggest advertising networksVisit SiteAnalyze The Marketing Funnels Of Your Competitors
Download the competitors ad creatives just in 1 click
Support 8 largest networks
Convenient country sorting
Trial period, access service to 5 countries for 24 hours
SpytegAdult670$757 daysSpyteg is a tool for powerful advertising analysis. Easily Spy on competitor's native, banner and video adult campaigns. Download the best ads & landing pages.Visit SiteSpy on competitors ad creatives - Native, Banner and Video ads. You can find winning combinations in adult advertising.
Get valuable data like how long ads are running, when it was first seen, what exactly traffic source and determine the best adult ads.
Learn every piece of advertising campaigns and build profitable ads based on this data.
Find the most popular creatives and landing pages.
Winning combination of competitors in adult advertising.
SkywordSocialTrackMaven's marketing analytics software helps marketers prove ROI and improve results on 18 integrated digital and social channels.Visit SiteDemystify Your Content Marketing Landscape
Skyword Intelligence delivers the real-time insight you need to connect with your customers and outsmart the competition.

Benchmark your success.
Put your performance in context with benchmarks against competitors, peers, and industry influencers. Improve your thought leadership footprint with share of voice reporting, topic trends, boolean tagging, and hashtag tracking.

Visualize your share of voice against key competitors on the Executive Dashboard.

Reduce content waste with data-driven ideation.
Understand what is resonating in real time with our proprietary Impact Score. Segment content and campaigns for you and your competitors with quick filters for interactions, impact, and recency. See correlations between top-of-funnel efforts and website traffic to build a more effective customer journey.

See which content is resonating with copy and creative side-by-side.

Optimize paid and organic in one place.
Prove the impact of paid and organic content with unified performance analytics across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Optimize your campaigns based on business outcomes: increased traffic, conversions, donations, and more.

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 7.41.05 PM
Analyze organic and paid social performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Tell an executive-ready story with your data.
Deliver a data-backed perspective on marketing performance with executive-friendly dashboards and reports. Skyword Analytics aligns your marketing team around a uniform view of your business from social buzz to revenue.
Traffic TravisCompetitive Intelligence$97 One TimeBest Free SEO Software for all your SEO & PPC Management needs. Use Traffic Travis for both on and off page analysis as well as spying on your competitors.Visit SitePerform a full SEO health check
on any website.

Uncover technical mistakes that
may affect your rankings.

Find out why competitors outrank you,
then beat them!

Keep tabs on your competitors
to spot keywords you should target.

Monitor your search engine rankings
so you know where to focus your efforts.

Find respected link partners
and build quality backlinks, easier.
UbersuggestKeywords$29 / $997 daysUbersuggest helps you generate keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production. With Ubersuggest's free keyword tool, generate an unlimited number of suggestions for free and take your content creation to the next level while increasing your website's chances of ranking against the competition.Visit SiteDomain Overview
Imagine being able to reverse engineer your competitors’ SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing strategy.
Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.
Top SEO Pages
Are you tired of writing content that no one reads or even shares on the social web?
With the top SEO pages report, you can discover which of your competitor’s pages are ranking for popular organic keyword phrases and which ones are loved by sites like Facebook.
You no longer will waste time writing content that people don’t want to read.
Keyword Suggestions
Need more keyword ideas? From head terms to long-tail phrases you’ll get hundreds of suggestions from our free keyword tool. You’ll also see volume, the competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword.
And to make things a bit easier we generate a list of keywords for you based on what is working for your competitors and based on what people are typing into Google.
Content Ideas
Do you want to find out the content pieces that are getting the most social shares and backlinks in your niche?
Knowing what to write about can make or break your content strategy. Dive deep into the top-performing content pieces for any given keyword so you can write about topics that people are actually interested in.
Backlink data
Backlinks are one of the most critical parts to Google’s algorithm.
But there is an issue. It’s hard to build them.
Now with Ubersuggest, you can see the exact content in your space that people are linking to. You then approach each of these sites and ask them to link to you.
This is all you need to come up with an action plan for improving your link profile and understand which links will have the most impact on your rankings.
VistoSocialFreeSee how Visto can help you, from creating marketing campaigns, to finding best products and affiliate offers.Visit SiteAds info & insights
All the information, insights, and metrics provided in our ads

Keyword search methods
All the places you can search by keywords and use cases

Using Visto search
Using our smart search and how it works

Multiple landers technology
What is it and how we approach it at Visto
Web DetectiveCompetitive Intelligence$39 / $47NEW, Web-Based App Reveals The EXACT Roadmap To Unlimited, FREE Targeted-TrafficVisit SiteThe Powerful Data You'll Access In Seconds
Visitor Analytics
Rank & Index Analysis
Domain Analysis
IP Analysis
Link Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Malware Scan
Google Adword Scraper
Native Widget
Native API
WhatRunsWhereDisplay, Search$299 / $39917%WhatRunsWhere provides the most accurate digital ad intelligence for performance advertisers looking to stop guessing & start running profitable campaigns.Visit SiteAll advertisers, sites, networks and categories
Search for top ads by keyword
Easily identify affiliate campaigns
Filter by country, data range and more
Compare advertisers
Track recent advertiser, site and network activity
Easily export data
Sensor TowerApps$2,000Mobile app market leaders rely on Sensor Tower's intelligence products for vital data-driven competitive insights and understanding of the global app economy.Visit SiteGain Valuable Insights On The Greater App Economy

App Teardown
Competitive Technical Insights At Your Fingertips
Sensor Tower’s App Teardown product allows you to look under the hood of the market’s most successful apps and see how their developers approach mobile technology. App Teardown detects available SDKs in an app quickly and efficiently, highlighting the presence of dozens of different SDKs. It also works in conjunction with other Sensor Tower products to deliver SDK information to your already existing workflows.

Usage Intelligence
The metrics you need to separate app growth from noise.
Usage Intelligence empowers the Fortune 500 and investment teams in their evaluation of the app economy. With Usage Intelligence you can unveil the metrics that matter most to app vitality. Quickly surface the apps with the best retention, active users, session data and more with the industry’s most trusted data.

App Intelligence
Drive organic growth with the leading App Store Optimization platform.
Your one-stop shop for App Store Optimization and the monitoring of your app's marketplace performance. Review daily downloads and revenue reports, strategize keyword selection, keep tabs on rankings, analyze reviews, monitor localization efforts, and track your competitor’s every move.

Store Intelligence
Make strategic decisions with the industry's most accurate estimates.
Whether you're digging into marketplace performance of your competition or advising clients on the latest app economy trends, make decisions based on the best global download and revenue estimates for the App Store and Google Play.

Ad Intelligence
Discover top creatives. Shape your user acquisition strategy.
Gain a leg up on your competition by integrating Ad Intelligence into your workflow. Analyze the top advertising and ad-displaying apps across major ad networks. Discover insights such as which apps networks partners with, where competitors target spend, and which of their creatives are most effective.
App AnnieAppsApp Annie is the standard in app analytics and app market data, giving you one easy-to-use platform for running every stage of your app business.Visit SiteApp Annie Intelligence
With data on over 8 million apps and thousands of websites, get the complete picture of the mobile landscape you need to acquire and retain customers, prioritize your roadmap, enter new markets, and optimize ROI.

App Annie Ascend
Manage, enrich and identify hidden performance opportunities across your own advertising and monetization data. Access intuitive dashboards, advanced normalization tools, and data from 400+ partner connections — all in one place.

App Annie Connect
Track your own apps' most critical data, including downloads, revenue, usage, and advertising – all in one place.

Confidently Navigate the Entire App Lifecycle with App Annie Intelligence

Uncover growth opportunities across countries and categories
Discover what markets are experiencing the largest growth by analyzing app market trends based on downloads and revenue around the world

Sharpen your competitive knowledge by gaining a deep understanding of the app market landscape
Track competitive market share across downloads, revenue, usage, and engagement metrics

Identify emerging players and competitive threats
Recognize competitive threats proactively by analyzing performance trends across your category
ApptopiaApps$2,000 / $6,000Apptopia provides app publishers & developers access to app intelligence worldwide. Identify store trends, SDKs & opportunities to beat the competition & own the market.Visit SiteLearn from your competition

One platform to track your competiton's entire mobile footprint
Benchmark against your market
Track your competitors' performance
Discover trends in cross app usage

Data that is a leading indicator of company performance
Paypal's mobile sessions are a leading indicator of transaction volume
Glu Mobile's IAP revenue has a strong correlation with company revenue
Mobile is a strong indicator of Peloton's connected fitness subscribers

Review Text Analysis
Uncover actionable insights from your app reviews to power product development and user analysis.

Don't waste time chasing bad leads
Powerful tools and data to scale your sales funnel
Uncover ideal target accounts
Enrich your sales outreach
New leads sent straight to your inbox

Data driven deal discovery to stay ahead of the curve
Mobile data to help identify your next portfolio company
Scale your sourcing efforts
Evaluate investment opportunities
Stay updated on performance milestones
Mobile ActionApps$49 / $599Mobile Action is a leading App Store Optimization and App Marketing tool that provides world class data.Visit SiteASO Intelligence
Get access to the data covering 3M+ keywords and all essential ASO tools to provide your app with higher visibility.

Market Intelligence
Follow the trends in app markets with reliable download and revenue estimations for 5M+ apps to make better decisions.

Ad Intelligence
Reach 5M+ ad creatives and 15+ ad networks of thousands of apps to fine-tune your user acquisition strategy.

SDK Intelligence
View 2.4M Apps with SDK Data and filter over 2K SDK technologies used by every app to get the most updated insights.

Boost Organic & Paid Growth
Use the most versatile ASO tool to increase your app's visibility and drive conversion
Using Mobile Action's Keyword Intelligence tools, we increased our app's top 10 ranked keywords by 200% in 3 months.

Make Your App a Success Story
Reveal the best strategies of your competitors and leverage them to enhance your product's performance.
Since we started using Mobile Action, we were able to save 70% of data collecting hours and invest them in our optimization process.

Keep the Pulse of Ad Ecosystems
Uncover what increases engagement and conversion by analyzing the whole market data in seconds.
Mobile Action's Ad Intelligence amazes us every time by letting us collect thousands of creatives with one single query.
42 MattersApps$299 / $1,14942matters offers top-notch app market data and audience data that helps you to build your business around mobile. All mobile data is easily accessible via our REST API and easy to use Explorer.Visit SiteLarge-scale data ingestion
Fuel your own data processing with our highly comprehensive app data, covering all meta-data across the iOS and Google Play stores. Our file dumps allow you to ingest large scale of app data in minutes.

Ad creative & Meta-data
Use our API to efficiently and effectively pull data to drive your advertising campaigns programmatically, making the process easier for you and more reliable for your customers.

SDK analysis
Every iOS and Android app is scanned using our SDK analysis technology to provide our customers with an up-to-date view of which SDKs are present within individual apps, as well as the total SDK coverage across the app markets.

Finding new leads
The App Market Explorer makes prospecting for leads within the app markets a breeze, significantly reducing the time it takes to find your next potential customer. Our customers use the Explorer to identify apps most likely to need their services, and receive the contact details of the relevant developers.

Brand protection
Is your brand being used within the app market without permission? With the Explorer, you can search for your brand name within app titles, descriptions, websites, and email addresses. Our customers use the Explorer to quickly identify apps misusing their brands, and directly get in touch with the offenders.
App FiguresAppsFree / $299Get more downloads with industry leading ASO tools, App Store Analytics, and COmpetitive Intelligence from Appfigures.Visit SiteAnalytics, ASO, and Competitor Intelligence
The tools you need to monitor, optimize, and get more downloads!

App Analytics
Track Performance
Keep track of downloads, revenue, and store performance for all of your apps in one place to see trends and make more informed decisions.

App Store Optimization
Get More Visibility
Monitor keyword ranks and identify new keywords that will increase your views and get you more downloads with unparalleled insights.

Competitor Intelligence
Study the Competition
Outsmart the competition and build a better competitive strategy by analyzing their download trends, organic keywords, installed SDKs, and more.

Universal Analytics
Get the most complete view into your app downloads and revenue to easily identify and analyze important trends.
Easily analyze revenue from app downloads and in-app purchases, subscriptions, and ads together to see the complete picture and benchmark growth.

Competitve Intelligence
Get the most complete view into your app downloads and revenue to easily identify and analyze important trends.
Easily analyze revenue from app downloads and in-app purchases, subscriptions, and ads together to see the complete picture and benchmark growth.

App Store Optimization
Improve your ASO faster with hourly updates for any keyword in key markets across the globe.
Analyze keywords to find new opportunities, and see the performance of your competitors.

Read & Reply to App Reviews
Turn reviews into useful feedback with automatic review collection and translation, and detailed filters. Reply to important reviews to increase customer satisfaction and improve your overall ASO.

Rank Monitoring
See where you and your competitors stand with hourly-updated ranks and react quickly as things change.
Check out the current top charts in every country and for every category to see how competitive any app is.

App Market Intelligence
Analyze the entire app market with the most comprehensive insights for millions of apps—from download and revenue estimates to audience demographics and ad spending.
Leverage insights to find hidden opportunities, qualify investments, and keep an eye on competitors.

Sales Prospecting
Increase your chances of closing and speed up your sales cycle by reaching out to the right target audience.
Use intelligent performance, popularity and audience metrics to identify the right app publishers for your SDK and get direct emails for key contacts.
Airnow DataApps$99 / $49925%Airnow Data offers a powerful market intelligence platform. It enables companies to build long-term winning strategies in the mobile app market.Visit SiteResearch. Benchmark. Track. Repeat.
Build the Perfect App Growth Strategy with Airnow Data

With over 1 million unique keywords and 4 million apps across 55 countries, you can identify the changes which will optimise your app and ensure your company is found.

See how your app stacks up against the competition by comparing valuable metrics such as downloads, store revenue, chart ranks, DAUs and retention rates.

With daily and weekly alerts across everything from keywords to version updates, you can keep your finger on the pulse and stay one step ahead of the competition.

App Intelligence
App Download, Revenue & Usage Data Tracking Tool

Stay one step ahead of your competitors
Research, benchmark, and track your competition with App Intelligence.
Create real-time watchlists of competitor apps and track their rank, download, revenue, DAU, MAU, ARPDAU and retention performance on a daily basis.
Set up smart alerts to ensure your company is always the first to know about major market shifts, and never lose sight of the bigger picture.
With App Intelligence, optimisation isn’t just possible - it’s easy. Unlock 6 years of historical data.

Keyword Intelligence
Google Play and App Store Optimisation (ASO) Tool

Get more organic downloads for your app
Make your analytics work smarter, not harder, with Keyword Intelligence.
Keyword Intelligence is exactly what it sounds like - an analytics tool giving you a complete overview of every keyword driving organic downloads to your app.
Explore more than 1.5 million keywords across both the App Store and Google Play, and leave no stone unturned in your search for the perfect keywords for your company. Explore 1.5 million keywords.

Market Intelligence
Custom Mobile App Market Research & Leaderboards Tool

Make data-driven choices for your global expansion
Track your competitors. Visualise your data. Plan your strategy.
Market Intelligence gives you a window into both niche and macro trends in the global mobile app market.
With market and publisher data across 55 international markets, and with no country-level tiering, Market Intelligence lets you find the right leads for your company.
Your app’s potential is global. So is Market Intelligence. Take control of your market
ApptraceAppsFreeApptrace gives you complete access to discover the app economy. It is the most successful way to trace apps on this changing global market.Visit SiteLove your stats!
Apptrace is the fastest free app analysis service around. Made by developers for developers, it provides you with key data to monitor your app's performance in the market, including our unique sentiment analysis.

How? We like to keep it simple. Just type in the app ID or the name of the app that you want data on and hit enter.
AdHeartSocial$39Database of teasers and creatives Facebook and InstagramVisit SiteFor arbitrageurs
Search for creatives for absolutely any offers from all over the world. A ready-made base of creatives in any direction, vertical and niche. Give up the designer - use a ready-made base of creatives. Look at what and how your colleagues and competitors are pouring. Select ready-made offer + creative bundles for any geo and make a profit!

For marketers
Choose creatives for the projects you are managing. You no longer need to paint yourself! Find fresh ideas to promote any product. Get fresh ideas from competitors.

Shop owners
Look at trending products and / or services from around the world. Be the first to know what they are selling, where they are selling, what approaches are used. Ready-made creatives for any line of business!

Search and selection of creatives

Selection of creatives
Search in a huge database of 358'856'532 creatives

Deep search filters
Search by text, links, application, fb page, format, platform and creation date of the creative.

Downloading media files
Download any of 781'523'757 media files. 1.3 TB. creatives! Photos and videos in high definition.

My selections
Ability to add the required creatives to the selection for further quick access to them

Creative statistics
Date of creative launch, duration of promotion

Top Promoted Apps

Search apps
Search by name or part of it; search for applications promoted for the period; filtering by platform (Android, iOS)

Top Apps
Top promoted apps over the specified period by number of creatives used

By first appearance, last appearance, update date

Application analysis

Promotion statistics
Number of creatives per week, month and total, the ability to see all app creations for a specified period

Dynamics of promotion
Statistics of the daily number of promoted app creatives

Recently found creatives
A quick way to figure out what the app is doing

Working with creatives

Download media
Downloading an image / video of a creative, its preview

Text translation
Translation of creative text into Russian in one click

Adding fb pages, applications or domains to the personal "black list" of search results

Search from creo
Creo from the same fb page, the same application or the same domain

Viewing statistics
When was it launched, when was the last creative spinning, how long

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