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Digital publishers often think of monetizing their websites using ads. The networks that come to mind when they think about it are Google AdSense or Facebook. This is a good thing, considering that Facebook is the seventh most valuable brand in the world, according to Statista. According to We Are Social’s Global State of Digital Report, the average Facebook user spent 19.6 hours a month on Facebook in 2021. Google also claims that AdSense has 2,000,000 users. Publishers shouldn’t ignore other markets.

Publishers have many options to increase their advertising ROI (ROI) in a constantly changing digital ecosystem. Ad networks facilitate the flow of digital publisher and advertiser relationships. This allows brands to reach the right customers. Publishers would need to make deals with individual advertisers without the help of ad networks. You may be looking to switch ad networks or even start your own network. Read on to learn more about our top network choices for publishers in 2023.

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SiteVolumeMin DepositTagsAdultDescriptionURLFeatures
Active Revenue$100Push, Pops, Domain Redirect, NativeActiveRevenue is a self-serve demand side platform which allows advertisers access high performing ad units, granular targeting, competitive pricing, and multiple optimizations capabilities.Visit SiteTarget people based on their interests to ensure your campaign only reaches those who will engage with it
Choose from a comprehensive list of Carriers to reach with your campaign.
Build a list of keywords relevant to your campaign and our system will ensure your ads only appear on sites containing those keywords
ActiveRevenue is a top self-serve demand side
platform (DSP) for marketing professionals and agencies
Domain Redirect - Also known as Zero-Click traffic. When the user makes a URL mistype, he will be redirected to your landing page in the same window.
Ad Maven60B$50Banner, Push, PopsMonetize your audience and traffic with the top ad network. With AdMaven you can buy and sell traffic to reach the best results with push notifications pop up ads and more.Visit SiteOver 2 Billion daily impressions worldwide generated from our full screens and native push notifications and other ad placements
Whether CPM, CPC or CPA, we drive results for you to get an increased ROI over your Campaigns budget spent
Self-service, managed CPA with auto optimization Or programmatic endpoint integration - we support it all. Just name it
Utilizing market's strongest anti-fraud tools together with our in-house technology makes fraud a rare phenomenon
Over 90% of our traffic is made available through direct deals with our publishers. Buy from us to get 1st hand traffic
Ad.netSearchAd.net is the marketplace outside of Google and Bing where brands and agencies can acquire new customers.Visit SiteAd.net is the marketplace that reaches unique visitors outside the major search engines
Connects your business with millions of new customers
SmartPricing, ensures that advertising campaigns will hit goal by optimizing to the most granular user level data
Integrates keyword intent data with audience targeting to reach the right customers
Over 91% of our advertisers campaigns scale and achieve their campaign goals
Ad.style40BNativeVisit SiteBoost revenue, increasing performance and enhance the user experience for publishers, advertisers and consumers
Gain instant exposure to thousands of premium publishers worldwide.
Your personal account manager is available to assist.
Match the design and sensibilities of your website with our advertisements for the perfect fit
Track and analyze the performance of your widgets in real-time on our easy-to-use dashboard.
Ad4Game5BBanner, Pops, Games, MobileVisit SiteOver 5 billion impressions and 450 million unique visitors per month exclusively on gaming and entertainment websites
Choose the model (CPM, CPC or CPA/CPI), the rate and set the budget
You pay only for the leads you get. Your ads are displayed only on websites that perform best for you
Ad4Game Mobile Ads help you reach audiences on-the-go. Our Mobile Ads appear on mobile devices on content websites, in native apps and video
We are fully integrated with Forensiq and Fraudlogix, the leading company in detection of fraudulent leads
Ad4MatBanner, Social, NativeVisit SiteYour access to profitable campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Xing
High attentive image-text-creatives placed in editorial environment
High quality website environments /brand safety guaranteed
Display Reach on relevant & high quality placement
ad4mat retargeting technology will not fail to impress due to the above av-erage repeat visitor ratio for your website visitors and also due to increased sales, upselling and cross-selling
Ad6MediaBanner, InterstitialVisit SiteOur careful analysis of the data ensures effective targeting in order to maintain a high conversion rate
Our own ad server gives us a thorough monitoring and control of the results.
Our premium network ensures a transparent and secure broadcasting. An easy tags management for our partners
Present in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, UK, US & LATAM, ad6 provides a dedicated team to support the campaigns by the market or target area
Through our network of premium publishers and affinities, we can ensure a qualitative audience and vertical targeting
AdActionVideo, MobileAdAction is the premier full-service mobile app marketing ad platform that delivers over 8 million monthly installs for elite agencies and Fortune 100 companies.Visit SiteAdAction enhances user acquisition campaign efforts with a unique cost per install (CPI) pricing model
We are fully integrated with the leading mobile app tracking platforms, to easily facilitate a hassle-free setup
Strategic expertise to support Rank Push, New Title Launch, App Store Features, and Seasonal Opportunities
Competitive landscape visibility and reach into 180+ countries worldwide
Direct relationships with 1200+ fully-integrated ad networks, media buyers, and ad exchanges
Adamo AdsAdult, Pops, Video, Interstitial, Banner, Instant MessageTransforming Digital Advertising Into A Personal ExperienceVisit SiteCarrier and device targeting
Real-Time Tracking And Optimization
Programmatic Media Buying And Rtb
All ADAMO customers are assigned with an account manager after their sign up processes
Ad Formats Web, Mobile & In App
Adblade$50Native, Banner, VideoThe Most Innovative Content-Style Ad Platform on the WebVisit SiteZero in on your target audience with Adblade, the original content-style native ad provider
Adblade gets you access to inventory on the world's most trusted news site ensuring your ads are seen on the sites where consumers and business people are most engaged
No ad platform is more vigilant when it comes to website screening and content monitoring. Our vigilance has earned us AdSafe's highest brand-safety rating
Adblade offers the scale you need for your campaigns. With hundreds of branded sites, reaching over 300 million monthly users
Designed to look more like news blurbs than ads, NewsBullets® consistently deliver 3x more clicks than standard display ads
Adbooth15BVideo, Mobile, Pops, Banner, Interstitial, TabunderVisit SiteAutomatically sell your impressions to best bidder
10 thematic channels: movies, series, downloads, apps, music, sports, mainstream, erotic, book, lyrics
The best eCPM in the market that ensures you the highest revenue
Anti-malware system that guarantees the security and positioning of our customers
Every second, our RTB ROBOT sell your impressions between thousands of advertisers to get the best ECPM
Adcash6B$100Native, Pops, Interstitial, Banner, PushAdcash is a global online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks and publishers. Advertise your business or monetize your website!Visit SiteUnify your media buying and gain access to our exclusive network of publishers and over 200 supply partners
Our sophisticated fraud filters protect your ad campaigns from unwanted traffic
Our smart bidding technology optimizes ROI by automatically removing manual work
Tailor your ads to the right audience and choose from our wide range of targeting options
With premium inventory and prediction algorithms, you can reach your target audience across all formats and devices through one interface
AdChakraVideo, Social, MobileVisit SiteProgrammatic Video Campaigns. Shift your TV ad spends to online and see the magic of engagement and conversations
Programmatic Mobile Media. Build your Mobile custom audience. Reach both smart phone and feature phone consumers
Programmatic Web Media. Gain from precise targeting and multi-channel approach. See realtime measurable results
The four pillars of our strength which we follow religiously are – Service Excellence, Innovation & Adaptability, Passion and Result Driven
Programmatic Social Media. Participate and engage in real time conversations with your audience. Reap the multiplier effects
AdColony$100Video, Pops, Push, MobileElevating mobile advertising by focusing on the highest quality consumer experiences that deliver outcomes for brands and publishers on today's primetime apps and sites.Visit SiteDrive high quality app installs at scale with the leader in mobile performance advertising
Access top trending mobile environments where consumer attention lives
We curate the world's highest performing, chart-topping mobile environments for advertisers to deliver impactful experiences at scale
Our in-house creative studio of 65+ designers & developers make your creative shine on mobile
With more than 20 awards won to-date, our Creative House harnesses the unique & ever-changing capabilities of mobile devices to deliver the best of art & technology to drive outcomes for you
AdCompass$50Push, Search, Native, RTB, Pops, In App, Banner, MobileOnline Advertising Company. Global reach, amazing bids. Advertise and Monetize your traffic today!Visit Site
Adf.ly$5Pops, Interstitial, BannerVisit SiteAll advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups. Anti-virus and malware servers are scanning the adverts 24/7
Pay for real visitors on your website, our comprehensive fraud filters ensures high quality traffic. Campaigns start at only $5
Detailed statistics are provided per link. Allowing you at a glance see the amount you've earned, referring URLs and countrie
Anonymous proxy filtered against a massive daily updated list
We offer a selection of simple to install scripts, now you can easily get paid for every visitor who comes to your website
Adfonic300B$50Mobile, DSPVisit SiteSmarter buying means access to over 300 billion global mobile ad impressions each month, through one single buying point
Increased app downloads and improved rankings in the Apple App store, Google Play or other app distribution services
Adfonic's targeting ensures that you reach the right people in the right places. You can target your mobile advertising campaign by country, region (for example US, UK and so on), operator, carrier, demographic, platform, device and day part
Independently tracked results with full support for third-party solution providers including Ad-X and HasOffers
More control with advertising models including cost-per-click and CPX pay-per-action pricing for large volume campaigns
AdformNative, Mobile, VideoVisit SiteDiscover new audiences easily by leveraging our powerful lookalike and overlap audience discovery tools to extend your reach and tap into previously hard-to-discover opportunities
Bid with peace of mind while our extensive suite of brand safety tools keeps you safe and makes sure you only pay for exactly the inventory you want
Benefit from the power of automation and streamlined workflows for the discovery, purchase and management of all guaranteed ad buys
In a multi-device world, we take the guesswork out of cross-device by creating a seamless audience profile ready to receive your message no matter what device your message reaches them on
From lightning fast algorithms that optimize bidding in real-time to automatic budget reallocations, our research platform enables best-in-class machine learning to cater to your needs and work towards your business goals
AdgaemVideo, Direct Links, Mobile, Pops, Email, Social, Search, BannerVisit SiteBecause the campaign creation and execution process is so efficient, advertisers can easily launch, monitor and evaluate the results of a campaign within a span of few hours
Your ads can be targeted as per various parameters such as age, gender, city, country, interest and so on around the globe leading to potential customers
AdGaem ensures you don't get any fake leads by aggressively recruiting only top affiliates through quality screening & continuously removing the fraudulent affiliates
Because the system operates in a real-time environment, changes to campaign parameters can be made quickly on request
Cost Per Install (CPI) is in which advertisers pay fixed or bid rate only when the application is installed
Adgebra10BNativeVisit Site250 million+ untapped digital audience across 3000+ regional language websites including English
Take complete control of campaigns like never before. 24×7 support with dedicated account manager
India's largest native ad network for regional language websites. Supports 10+ Indian regional languages.
Reach the target audience via multi tier targeting options. Language, Site, Location, Keywords, Device, OS, Telco operator targeting to choose from
Reach 250mn+ Indian ethnic audience globally across 3000+ websites to increase the brand engagement & awareness
AdheseDisplay, Mobile, VideoVisit SiteDisplay, mobile, video, in-app, DOOH, radio…
If it connects to the internet, we can integrate
From static ads to dynamic ads, to native, to content, to articles, shop recommendations, mail requests, setups where we control the paywall
The Adhese Adserver creates an efficient way to gain a strategic overview of your audiences and allows publishers to target the right people on any device with any ad format across multiple networks
We integrate and adapt tailored to what the market needs (JSON Integration, Safeframes in-app)
Adhese allows you to communicate, promote or sell on your own internal network or on any external network in full transparency and based on your needs and requirements
AdHitz1.5B$10BannerVisit SiteSite Specific advertising allows you to browse through our network of website owners who offer advertising on their sites
Advertisers can choose specifically which site they wish to advertise on, based on the type of advertising zones, prices, Alexa and Google rankings, and website content
Network targeted ads allow advertisers to advertise across the entire AdHitz network of publisher sites
AdHitz shows over 50 million adverts a day across more than 20,000 publisher websites, and growing
Flat rate CPC (Cost Per Click). Advertisers get more clicks per dollar, not having to bid outrageous amounts to get their ad seen
Adit Media1.5BMobile, BannerVisit SiteReal-Time Bidding (RTB) and Behavioral Targeting
Algorithmic and manual real-time campaign optimization
Multiple click-fraud and impression-fraud detection mechanisms
Automatic creative adaptation and optimization
Adit-Media is a performance based display ad network. We work with hundreds of sites and apps worldwide serving over 1.5 billion impressions a month
Adition Technologies AGDSP, Video, Native, Banner, Mobile, Audio, DOOH, Addressable TVVisit SiteDirect Access to All Major Sell-Side Platforms & Ad Exchanges
Video & Creative Solutions - For Advertisers and Agencies alike – the Best Service for Your Campaign Creation and Optimization.
Modular Extensible Platform with Comprehensive API for Connecting Third-Party Tools up to White Label Solutions
Guaranteed Premium Environments for All Formats on All Screens
Whether Display, Mobile, Video, DOoH, Addressable TV or Radio Advertising
– Efficient Buying, Planning and Optimization of Programmatic Advertising
Adjux$100Pops, Banner, Video, Exit PopAdjux provides targeted display and mobile advertising services for your website or affiliate offers.Visit SiteManaged or self-serve campaigns
Conversion Rate Optimization
100 Million Daily Ad Impressions
Detailed campaign statistics including the websites or subids of the websites where your ads are shown
RTB platform offers a huge variety of targeting options and detailed reporting
AdLabs21BBanner, Mobile, EmailVisit SiteThe network is tailored to work with large volumes of traffic. For the advertiser, these are tools to attract the most active audience
banners of 10 different formats CPC, CPA, CPM
Targeting will help convey your message to the right users: Geo: Country, City, District
In order for these technologies to provide a significant sales volume, we ensured that they reach 900+ million impressions per day for the entire Runet audience
contextual advertising
Targeted advertising, Display ad,, Mobile ad
Adlock Media$100Content LockingVisit SiteAdLock Media is a CPA based performance network specializing in content locking technology integrating Incentive CPA Offers and CPI Mobile App Installs
Our sophisticated content locking tools allows publishers to generate revenue using our ad locking technology.
Available Offers: CPA(Cost Per Action), CPL(Cost Per Lead), CPI(Cost Per Install), CPS(Cost Per Sale), KPI(Key Performance Indicator), CPI + KPI, CPI + CPA,Dating CPA Offers
We pride ourselves in making payment on time, every time
We are constantly working with our advertisers ensuring you get the highest payout for every incentive offer listed
AdludumContent LockingVisit SiteAdludum is a unique content locking CPA network with a complete in-house platform of its own
A huge collection of offers serving to over 180+ countries
We offer our own custom built SEO/WEB tools to our affiliates through the dashboard to make sure their work is streamlined as much as possible
Self-management tools that allow affiliates to have a better and motivating structured workflow for their day.
We hold continuous screening of your traffic making sure that you receive quality performance and an engaging audience. Adludum is dedicated to maximizing your revenue
AdMachine600BDSP, PushVisit Site
AdmanPops, BannerVisit SiteTargeting based on more than 36 criteria
ADMAN platform is a managing and delivering targeted advertising campaign service, created by Phaistos Networks
Has the ability to use all types of web creative as well as complex forms of Rich and Enriched Creatives (Flash, Webovers, FullView, Mini Sites, Popup, PopUnder, Floating banners, Prestitials etc)
Offers effective targeting using multiple filters. The choice of targeting can be made based on combining the visitor's behavioural criteria: demographics, geographical, technological and content
Enables web monitoring in real time through independent accounts with a plentitude of statistics for each campaign
AdManage4.5BDirect Link, Banner, XML Search Feeds, Interstitial, Domain ParkingVisit Site

  • Make more money and get more sales from a huge selection of innovative ad solutions including pay per click search (PPC) and cost per click (CPC) banners, in text ads, xml feeds, display ads, cost per view (CPV,PPV) interstitials and domain parking
    Admanage has created a product base that covers the needs for Affiliates and Advertisers
    Serving over 4.5 billion + impressions per month
    Contextually targeted ads driving new sales and brand awarness to your campaigns without blowing your budgets
    In Text Ads, Display Ads and Domain Parking Are Finally Here

AdMarketplaceNative, SearchadMarketplace is the largest consumer search technology platform outside the major engines. We power consumer search on native channels including mobile apps, consumer sites, and browsers. Our technology enables audiences to skip search engine result pages and navigate directly to trusted sites in moments of intent.Visit SiteSearch suggestions include paid links in the drop down that navigate users directly to your website
There is an optimal price for every click. BidSmart analyzes advertiser performance data to predict winning bids and drive efficient results
Our Advertiser 3D analytics dashboard provides detailed information about every aspect of your campaign
Our native search technology connects your ads to in-market customers, while our services team ensures that we match at prices geared towards your specific business objectives
A brand safe solution that navigates users directly to your site from the URL bar
AdMaximNativeVisit SiteAdMaxim is an advanced full stack programmatic advertising system that enables Agencies To Research, Plan, Create, Deliver and Optimize precision targeted programmatic mobile campaigns
A specialised native platform to enable advertisers to build native formats and deliver native campaigns at scale
SmartReach Solution connects programmatically with thousands of global publishers, enabling open marketplace bidding and private marketplace deals to access unique audiences, formats and content
A state of the art solution combining precision targeted hyperlocal delivery of personalised ads & content to relevant audience segments in real-time
Create omni-channel strategies by aligning digital campaign delivery with OOH, TV, Radio and Print media campaigns
AdmediaVideo, Direct Links, Native, Search, Email, MobileVisit SiteAdMedia. is the largest marketplace outside the major networks, leveraging first-party data to drive performance
AdMedia automates and optimizes bidding and sub-source management in real-time to keep campaigns at peak performance
Advertisers can rest easy knowing that all their campaigns are handled by our team of competent account managers and advertising specialists
Reach the most qualified users by utilizing our Search & PPC Advertising solutions. With billions of searches a month across our publisher network, you have access to consumers across the web who are looking for exactly what you have to offer
Get your message across quickly and easily by broadcasting it through AdMedia's wide range of video advertising solutions
AdMost6.3BBannerVisit SiteAutomated Optimization for
Highest eCPM Among Multiple
Ad Networks
Campaing Performance Tracking
with Customer Lifetime Revenue
Unified Reporting & Revenue
Analytics with Cohort Analysis
Integration is the most exhausting part because of the many ad networks and methods to integrate to your code
You can have access to 30+ ad networks with only one SDK and direct support during integration from Admost expert team
Adnow6B$20NativeAdNow - the most fast growing ad network with more then 160 000 partners worldwide. Native format | cpm/ppc | 1.15% CTR | high quality traffic | premoderated content | weekly payments.Visit SiteTarget your users by geo, device, carrier, connection, operating system, browser and additional custom parameters
Increase your targeting relevancy by identifying visitors based on geolocation from country to region and city level
Take your mobile targeting to the next level and execute a precise carrier targeting. Our exclusive database of IP ranges from 500+ carriers in 100+ countries is crucial for your success
Responsive native advertising platform for premium publishers and advertisers
Open RTB Custom integration support
Adnow Push2.3BAdult, Push#1 Push Notifications AdNetwork for AffiliatesVisit SiteFeaturing 100% viewability and extremely high CTR
Interest-based targeting
#1 Push Notifications AdNetwork for Affiliates
Mobile and Desktop traffic from all countries
Buy more and cheaper $0.023 average CPC
Adobe PrimetimeVideoVisit SiteWe help you maximize your inventory yield. Our premium advertising technology helps you start taking action on your data so you can target your audiences better
We help you deliver TV content anywhere while protecting subscriber revenue.
Adobe Primetime reaches 99% of US pay-TV households. We're uniquely positioned to help you deliver targeted TV-quality ad experiences across all devices.
Use machine learning to significantly reduce waste for your demo-based ad campaigns across devices
The world's largest media companies rely on Primetime Dynamic Ad Insertion to deliver TV-quality, targeted video ad experiences for the biggest live events
AdOperator$50PushNow native DSP AdOperator supports Push notification ad format.Visit SiteUser should subscribe to push notification to receive it, so our traffic guarantees human clicks
You can target your push campaign by locations, browsers, operating systems, time, etc. You can even choose IP range and advertise your Coffee Shop to your neighbors
Pay only for interaction with your brand
With an average CTR up to 5% and pay per click the audience coverage allows you to show ads to a large number of loyal users with the influence but don't interrupt user journey with unlike popunders and video ads format. It is not surprising that less aggressive advertising brings effective results in most cases
Seamless access to global inventory, get users from more than 200 countries
Adotic$20Pops, Interstitial, News Ticker, DHTML, BannerVisit SiteAdotic works abreast with thousands of publishers with top notch technology to deliver nothing but best results
Adotic is not only the most economical, it also lets you target countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, India or the whole world
You can select days when your ad will be displayed, Cap impressions, Run multiple campaigns for the same ad, use Flash, Videos, raw HTML, image or text ads, launch popups, popunders, interstitials, floating windows, news ticker and DHTML ads
Choose to pay for clicks, impressions, days or keywords. Adotic lets you customize your campaigns to the most complex level
Our economical CPC rates will make you WOW while you can choose to pay for impressions, clicks or whole days
AdotizeVideo, Banner, MobileVisit SiteOur state of the art in-house security system automatically filters and rejects bot traffic,click farms, malwares,and viruses. Additionally, Adotize platform offers full HTTPs by generating HTTPS ad tags
Adotize is one place for multiple advertising technologies of Performance Marketing
We work on all types of model such as CPI, CPA, CPL,CPC, CPV, CPS, CPO etc
Your personal account at Adotize is fully equipped with all the needed information to start your first campaign and manage your own performance at ease without approval
Take advantage of changing bid prices in real time and access billions of daily impressions
Adperium$50Banner, PopsOnline advertising has never been so easy. Adperium offers the easiest self-service platform.Visit SiteStart your campaign in two minutes, Only $ 50 to start a campaign
You're able to target domains, publishers, networks, time, devices, browsers, OSs and countries
You just fill in the basic information and upload your banners. During the week, we'll have your banners audited within the hour
Quality traffic, fraud blocked automatically
Transparent domains and publishers, Banners and pops
AdPopPopsVisit SiteToday AdPop ads running on mobile web, chat bots and from messengers, as well.
Expose your brand to an audience who can connect with your products and services.
Turn casual visitors into regular clients with retargeting on AdPop’s smart platform, designed to increase retention and uncover new sources of traffic.
Attract traffic with high buying intent and convert visitors into customers. Reach an audience who are eager to invest in your products and services. In one click you receive direct client
Drive consumers from worldwide into the sales funnel by putting your goods in front of them.
AdReactorDSP, BannerVisit SiteAs our network consist of direct publishers only you are guranteed to recieve high quality, high converting traffic for your campaigns
With many targeting options available you can target only the audience you want to target.
With detailed optimization in place we ensure your campaigns achieve maximum performance.
Anti AdBlock Solution, Responsive Banners, Retargeting
Show your campaign to visitors from any country, device or operating system.
AdRight1.5BPush, Pops, Interstitial, BannerVisit SiteIt makes no difference whether you're trying to drive installs on CPI or trying to acquire new users on CPL; everyone wants better performance. Our optimization engine will put your campaign into high gear by connecting the dots between placement and performance
Reach a targeted and engaged audience that delivers over 30,000 conversions / leads daily for our current advertisers
Our ad units are designed for better user engagement by catching the users attention on Mobile and Desktop devices. Formats include full screen Site-unders, Interstitials, Overlays, Push ads, and Floating / Sticky banners
Take advantage of a wide range of targeting options such as Country, Browser, OS, Device, Carrier, Connection type, Language, Hour, Day, and by SiteID
Feel reassured knowing we have safe guard mechanisms in place to protect you from fraud and bot traffic.
AdRollBanner, Native, Social, VideoWith AdRoll's AI-driven marketing software, you can get sophisticated audience targeting, cross-channel engagement, advanced measurement and attribution, all in one place. Build a brand customers love, turn more visitors into customers, and grow customer loyalty with AdRoll's growth platform.Visit SiteAdTwirl's global ad network is designed to help you achieve your mobile advertising objectives. We understand the different needs of different advertisers.
Our algorithms, build on the experience of billions of ads served, are tuned to precisely meet those needs. From driving downloads to selling subscriptions, to engaging your potential customer to driving brand recall, the AdTwirl network delivers measurable performance across banner and text ads.
Run CPM, PPC or CPA (CPD, CPI, CPL, CPS) campaigns.
Define country, device, network (operator) and language targeting options for your campaigns.
We accept adult and nonadult ads.
Ads.cafe60B$200Adult, PushVisit Site
AdSameDSP, Banner, MobileVisit SiteAs a pioneer of China's intelligent digital marketing, AdSame has built the RTB ecosystem composed of DSP, SSP, and DMP platforms
AdPlace Platform is a real time marketplace that enables ad sellers and buyers achieve a win-win deal. Buyers could leverage their data assets and maximize ROI through targeting, defined bids, defined budgets and frequency caps, etc.Sellers could manage and maximize their ad revenue through the RTB system
With the data insight of DMP Platform, AdSame DSP Platform(SameDSP), helps advertisers manage all of their exchange campaigns, and consolidate purchasing and reporting on the single platform. Nowadays we have over one hundred international brand partners
AdSame SSP Platform, taking Dolphin Ad Serving as the core platform, provides the publishers with intelligent ad serving and monitoring systems. It allows publishers to work with Ad Network and Ad Exchanges and get the most profitable buyers. Up to now, we have served 120 leading vertical medias
AdSame DMP platform, SameData, as the data analyst and management center between DSP and SSP platform, it integrates China's massive audience data to be a available database.
Adsaro$10Adult, Pops, Direct linksVisit SiteCampaign starts at $10 with 0.10 CPM
Global traffic with 1000's of partners
Advanced security structure to keep your fund safe
Advertise at $0.0001 per click
Receive suggestions and tips through support
AdsCompass$50Mobile, Video, Pops, Social, Search, Banner, Native, Pops, PushOnline Advertising Company. Global reach, amazing bids. Advertise and Monetize your traffic today!Visit SiteA lot of direct publishers are here to provide you with any volumes of traffic. Different traffic types from more than 200 Geos worldwide will help you to increase your target audience
Our traffic is approved by 3rd-party checking systems. Moreover, we have our own anti-fraud platform that performs full traffic analysis in the shortest time possible
Fast implementation of working tools: XML-feed, Open RTB, Direct link, PopUp, Banners, etc
Flexible settings of parameters and limits with the option of white- and black-lists. An intelligent platform with an easy-to-use interface enables extensive detalization in real-time
We are constantly looking for new opportunities to achieve the best results. We invest in exploring the new technologies and use them in solving our partners issues
AdsKeeper150B$100Adult, Video, Native, Pushthe fast growing ad recommendation platform that adjusts native ads to the needs of affiliates, direct advertisers, and media agencies.Visit SiteEnjoy easy-to-navigate platform to run and adjust your campaigns
We will take care of your campaign, making sure it hits your KPIs and budget goals
Intuitive Dashboard to setup and optimize campaigns
Campaigns optimization
Creation of unique funnels for your offers
AdSpirit90BDSP, Banner, VideoVisit SiteAdSpirit is an ad serving system, a professional ads server providing all of the important functions. It is stable, flexible and allows very efficient ad management.
All tools in one: Display, Video, Affiliate, RealTime Bidding, much more
Powerful with optimizing, targeting and extensive tracking-features
AdSpirit supports all for now known standard- and special creative types, whether rich-media, video- or mobile-Ads. Upload your creatives via the mass upload in the system and use the intelligent support of AdSpirit. No matter if your creatives are provided as ZIP, RAR file, HTML or Text document
With AdSpirit you can book complex rich media and video campaigns with only a few mouse clicks and in real time. Save time and costs! Place campaigns online in only a few steps and in no time, if necessary supported by a multitude of wizard functions
Adsterra15B$100Adult, Native, Pops, Push, Banner, Interstitial, Video, Direct linksWe provide a range of online advertising services for both publishers and advertisers. Contact us today to monetize your website and reach new audiencesVisit SiteSmart Targeting Device & Vendor
Self-Service Platform
Real Time Bidding
AdStirBanner, Native, Video, InterstitialVisit SiteAs a pioneer of SSP specializing in smartphones, we are connected with domestic/global DSPs and offering the largest RTB marketplace in Japan.
Through our PMP marketplace, we deliver high-priced and premium ads.
In order not to waste any single impression, we would automatically redirect the traffic in case we detect that there are no available ads from the ad network to another network.
We do CPM evaluation and optimisation from a fair perspective on the basis of the number of requests distributed by adstir, not the number of impressions counted independently by Ad Network.

adstir supports various kinds of ad formats such as banners, native ads, video ads and interstitial ads.
AdSupplyBanner, InterstitialPatented, world-class ad tech. We deliver viewable, high impact ad formats for brands, agencies & publishers. Moat verified. comScore ranked.Visit SiteOn average, only 56% of digital display ads ever have a chance to be seen. Ad viewability is now more important than ever. AdSupply = 90% VIEWABLE
Traditional display suffers from ever-declining quality because of ad fraud. Only 64% of Internet traffic is from real humans. AdSupply = 99% HUMAN
AMA estimated $10 billion is wasted annually on unseen ads and non-human traffic, mainly due to poor quality control on exchanges and DSPs. AdSupply = EXCLUSIVE
We Have A Global Presence in 230 countries with a reach of 175M monthly uniques
AdSupply is an exclusive network with first look inventory from direct publishers that you cannot get anywhere else. Our sites are a mix of traditional publications, local and national news sites, and some of the largest destinations for entertainment and technology enthusiasts on the web
AdtelligentNative, Banner, VideoAdtelligent Inc. is an advertising technology company providing solutions for publishers. We established a new standard for selling inventory to programmatic buyers. Contact us...Visit SiteWe've built an open platform for Header Bidding management that allows publishers to increase revenue and reduce time for integration
The company is headquartered in New York City, NY, USA with offices in London, U.K, Odessa and Kiev, Ukraine and expanding geographies around the World.
We provide publishers with a new way to gain access to demand, without paying hidden programmatic taxes and revenue shares
The platform features powerful ad serving, header bidding and tools to create alternative entry points to buyers.
Use standard display formats, or get ahead of the trend with header bidding for video.
AdTheorentBannerWe use machine learning to collect, organize, and analyze data to inform decisions for impactful advertising campaigns.Visit SitePREDICTIVE TARGETING: Allow the machine learning service to find consumers with the highest likelihood of converting.

PREDICTIVE AUDIENCES: Define the audience parameters and let the machine learning service identify consumers within that audience who are most likely to convert.
Reach consumers who are present at or have been to a location and have the highest probability of making a meaningful interaction.
AdTheorent categorizes your audience's relationships to perform advanced targeting which harnesses the power of influential connections.
Machine learning technology is embedded within all creative delivered through the AdTheorent platform.
AdThink1B$60Video, Mobile, Native, Rich Media, Banner, Interstitial, SkimmedWe are digital advertising experts. Since 2001, we have developed technologies and services to support advertisers and publishers. Our DNA is technological. Our revenues are performance-based. Our ambition is your satisfactionVisit SitePrivate Marketplace of 3,000 websites and apps
With images or rich media, on desktop or mobile, these ads let you include customized layouts, interactive elements, animations, videos and more
RTB-enabled, our custom proprietary ad-server constantly adapts to the latest evolutions of the ad-tech ecosystem
Connected to large DSPs and market players (Criteo, AppNexus, etc.)
Affiliate marketing is the ultimate pay-for-performance model, where our Clients can guarantee their return on investment by paying only for results
AdTimingMobile, Native, BannerAdTiming is a mobile marketing platform empowers developers and advertisers to maximize ad revenue and improve ROI.Visit SiteComprehensive Ad Tags System
30,000+ Ad Tags available with Audience Segment technology. Customizable for advertisers. Reach target audiences with efficiency and accuracy.
AdTiming IP – Big Data Platform
Integrate data from multiple resources, robust technical support to ensure data safety and availability.
Global Traffic Intelligent - Allocation - Maximize your ROI with the power of AI
A global marketing platform that is designed to maximize revenue and improve advertising efficiency, a comprehensive supply chain from advertisement to monetization.
Efficient infrastructure that breaks data silos. Integrated real-time advertising data from multiple ad platforms to deliver the best possible insights.
AdTonic3B$100Banner, Interstitial, MobileVisit SiteDuring the day we make more than 100 million impressions on more than 5 million Android devices around the world.
We use our own advertising platform and SDK. It allows us to work directly with publishers and provide optimal prices.
We use one of the most effective advertising format: FullScreen banners. This format allows your ad to get the highest CTR and achieve maximum results.
We offer 6 types of targeting, the option of Black - and White-lists of sites and publishers, and also provide opportunities in the tracking and management of budgets.
We support both models of purchasing traffic like pay per click and per impression. Purchase traffic via the optimal scheme for you.
AdTrace1BVideo, Pops, BannerVisit SiteWith our wide network of publishers located all over the world, we can target any region you wish to make sure that your ad is seen by the right geographic locations
You want your ad to be as tasteful and as relevant as possible. Our advertising design team has the combined skills to take your product and present it in a way that will speak to the intended audience
The data is collected with each impression so that you can choose the proper locations and times that you would like your ad shown.
If you have a product and want to get your message out to hundreds of millions of people, let us take care of you so that you can sit back and let the hits come in. With over 1 Billion ad impressions per month, we will ensure that your product is seen by more people than ever before.
Our award winning team of programmers and web developers ensure that we maximize your ad to have the best effect possible. Our Ad Network constantly adapts to today's quickly evolving internet coding to make sure that your ad will be seen as often as possible.
AdTrue60B$100Pops, Banner, Interstitial, Native, VideoVisit SiteAdTrue provides a facile way to get access to the fully functioned DSP,
Get ready to boost ROI via CPM or CPC models with only a minimum budget.
Gain broad audience through a wide selective range of inventory.
Customize campaigns with personal styles and target preferences.
Follow campaigns productivity with daily statistic updates and tracking parameters.
AdTwirl$15Adult, Banner, MobileMobile Advertising with AdTwirl - Build brand awareness, target mobile users directly via location based advertising, monetize your mobile traffic. Earn money with mobile ads.Visit SiteAdTwirl's global ad network is designed to help you achieve your mobile advertising objectives. We understand the different needs of different advertisers.
Our algorithms, build on the experience of billions of ads served, are tuned to precisely meet those needs. From driving downloads to selling subscriptions, to engaging your potential customer to driving brand recall, the AdTwirl network delivers measurable performance across banner and text ads.
Run CPM, PPC or CPA (CPD, CPI, CPL, CPS) campaigns.
Define country, device, network (operator) and language targeting options for your campaigns.
We accept adult and nonadult ads.
AdventureFeeds$100Search, Intext, Pops, Banner, MobileVisit SiteIntelligent solution for buying and selling Search, InText, Display, and Mobile advertising across devices is Easy.
Real Time Bidding allows our inventory to be purchased by the individual impression through the AdventureFeeds bidding system that unfolds with the ability to quickly add new feeds on request.
Search, Pop and In text traffic converting high TQ traffic.
InText ads are activated by the end-user and can expand to reveal more details when a user hovers their mouse over the link.
Full-screen mobile ads and Desktop CPV traffic.
Adverline3BBanner, Native, MobileVisit SiteProprietary One Skin technology covers 61 premium sites on the fly with a single creative file
The Dynamic Regargeting Solution
Covers all formats (display, rich media, native desktop & mobile)
80% reach (Purchase on the Adverline network and all over the web)
3 Billion Impressions - 28 Million Unique Visitors
AdverServe12BBannerVisit SiteEurope's leading expert for Ad Technologies and Digital Advertising
Founded in 2001 as a service and consulting company, we are today one of the leading independent providers of Ad Technologies and Digital Advertising in Europe.
We convince our customers and partners with fast response times and a partnership-based approach to our work – and we do so again and again each and every day. All our employees are highly qualified experts in the field of ad technologies, which is why we guarantee all our customers maximum success with their campaigns and the highest level of service quality.
As a leading service provider for ad technologies adverserve adverserve is an expert and a reliable partner for digital campaign management
We are a 100% independent and neutral service partner when it comes to selecting the right ad technology. The fundamental basis of all our customer relationships is an exact needs analysis and an in-depth understanding of what our customers require.
Adverticum16BVideo, Mobile, BannerVisit SiteAdverticum Zrt. is one of Hungary's most quickly expanding software developing companies. Its primary product is the Adverticum AdServer which helps to manage ads on websites, to analyse the results and successfully utilize advertising areas.
Manage and target your campaigns and increase efficiency by analyzing their results in the system.
The Adverticum AdServer gives a simple and fast solutions in order to manage many content providers' interface at the same time.
Our ad serving system helps to manage ad spaces, analyse results and maximize evenues.
We provide campaign management services to our clients whereby they have a cost-efficient, time-saving solution to have their campaigns without investing extra resources.
Advertise.comInterstitial, Push, Intext, Video, BannerAdvertise.com is the leading ad network for online advertising with an effective mix of ad performance, quality traffic, and account management.Visit SiteAdvertise.com's unique and exclusive, direct-to-consumer products allow advertisers to communicate directly with target audiences and users. Our traffic is unique to our platform — it can't be acquired anywhere else.
You have target metrics, and we'll help you reach them. We can deliver you a high volume of leads, sales, or site visitors at lower effective costs.
We ensure the highest quality traffic through our exclusive publisher network with patented, real-time ClickShield® technology.
We offer dedicated and effective account managers upon request who can help you through the process from account creation to campaign optimization.
Advertizer5B$50Push, Pops, Domain RedirectVisit SiteServing 5 Billion Push, Pop & Redirect ads a month Advertizer is one of the fastest growing mobile ad networks around.
We have traffic in all GEOs, both web and mobile. The source of the traffic is mostly display, pop and redirect traffic.
The technology and optimisation algorithm behind Advertizer is powered by Monetizer. This algorithm has learnt from billions of data points making it extremely efficient when predicting what our users want to see in terms of offers.
We are looking forward to running your great campaigns with our traffic. If you want to receive our traffic ASAP, please enter your details on the registration form - you will receive a confirmation with details shortly after and your success with Advertizer.com can start.
Our smart algorithm will help guide you faster to profitability, and our expert support team will be there to assist you whenever you need. This is why Advertizer is quickly becoming the #1 mobile traffic source for performance marketers.
AdvidiVisit SiteWhether you're an affiliate or an advertiser, we help you stay ahead with best-in-class support services.
We've helped some of the biggest leadgen experts in the world grow audiences in diverse global markets, resulting in a careful balance of quantity and quality.
Our Brand Safety guidelines are designed to maintain consistency and trust in a dynamic industry. With our focus on long-term success, your brand earns immediate respect.
Thanks to our exclusive partnerships, many years in the vertical, advanced Business Intelligence department, we can confidently say that we are the #1 global leaders in Dating.
High-performing exclusive offers in NL/BE/DK/SE/NO/FI/UK/AU
Adviora$100Native, Pops, Interstitial, Banner, PushVisit SiteOur Advertisers Have Access To More Than 109,500 Premium Webmasters Worldwide Which Gives Them Opportunity To Build Up Advertising Campaign In The Most Efficient Way Adviora Programmatic Platform Will Help You Fine-Tune Each Ad From More Than 20 Parameters.
You Can Start Your First Advertising Campaign With A Budget Of $100
Control The Advertising Campaign From The Beginning To The End. Daily Analytics, Setting Up Parameters And Determining The Optimal Price For Advertising In Your Personal Area.
Get Instant Status Report About Your Running Ad Campaigns On A Motion Parameters: Time, Date, Format, Geography, Device And Etc.
Our Programmatic Platform Will Ensure That Your Ads Showing At Right Place And Right Time And For Your Potential Clients Only
AdvMaker3B$35Banner, Video, PopsVisit Siteno delays in payment for 12 years of operation
The advertising network Advmaker was founded in April 2008. Taking into account the global recession, our appearance on the market of online advertising caused global interest. We knew exactly what to offer our customers, which direction to move in. We still do.
For many years of growth and development, we have proved to be honest, fair, for publishers and advertisers. Our system and staff are constantly improving to meet the needs of our customers daily.
Our job is to provide your website with the latter. If you are looking for a tool to bring more visitors to your website, the team of Advmaker is the ultimate solution.
If you represent an advertising agency and see great potential in online advertising, this website is the right place for you.
AdWorldMediaAdult, Banner, PopsAdWorldMedia is an online ad network that provides web publishers with a guaranteed income and advertisers with high-quality web sites and targeted online advertising capabilities.Visit SiteBillions of Ad Impressions Served traffic spread across all geos
Premium Member’s Area Traffic from premium dating and subscription sites
Self-Serve or Managed Accounts do it yourself or let us help you
Advanced Targeting geo-targeting, frequency capping, day-parting, OS, device, carrier,and more
Conversion Tracking & Optimization use action tracking to optimize campaigns to only the sites that work for you
Adxad60B$150Pops, BannerVisit SiteFresh traffic directly from websites: No in-app traffic. Mobile web as well as desktop only.
Retargeting and pretargeting
options: Create your own retargeting database or use our data for your campaigns.
Full-service or Self-service: Manage your campaigns by yourself or leave it to us.
Easy-to-Pay, low prepayment
guaranteed: $150 as a minimum prepayment. Pay via Wire, Paxum, WMZ, E-payments.
Full-service or Self-service: Manage your campaigns by yourself or leave it to us.
AdXionVideo, BannerVisit SiteWe are committed to your success. Publish your advertising campaigns and check results through the El Mercurio Digital Network
We form the most complete offer on the market with 47 sites led by Emol.com. We connect your brand with our differentiated communication solutions depending on the objective. Our platform is composed of 5 clusters of audiences segmented by content that moves the targets.
In Adxion.com we achieve that link, generating relevant commercial content that is part of people's interests. We produce the material, we exhibit it, we optimize editorial results and we deliver a complete metrics report after the project exhibition.
90% of the population in Chile consumes some type of digital medium. How to get the attention of this audience?
The CTR generated by content is 4 times higher than traditional advertising.
AdXXX28B$50Adult, Native, BannerWe are a professional team with over 10 years of experience in the online advertising market.Visit SiteConvenient payments by
Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire
960 MILLIONS AD VIEWS DAILY - Get access the huge entertainment inventory from one single platform
Bid for traffic in real time and get access to millions of daily impressions
Target customers by geo, device, carrier,
connection, operating system and more
Promote products and services with NATIVE ADS buying platform. Buy only premium quality traffic
AdYouLike$100NativeVisit SiteAdyoulike combines user experience and artificial intelligence to power better ad experiences
THE AYL DEEP NATIVE ADVERTISING SUITE is the most sophisticated native advertising platform in the market
Distribute Native Ad campaigns locally and globally with the world's leading publishers. Benefit from our expertise as pioneers in Native Advertising to build impactful and engaging advertising.
Take advantage of a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help publishers accelerate access to high-quality native ads and maximise revenue at scale.
Connect to the world's largest Native Advertising Exchange. The global native advertising market is expected to reach $85.5 Billion by 2020 - most of it will be driven by programmatic native.
AdzMediaDSP, Banner, Interstitial, VideoVisit SiteAdzmedia offers advertisers powerful, result-oriented and self-serve advertising platforms. With simple yet exceptional interfaces, our mobile DSP platform enable clients to purchase inventory from highly distinguished mobile advertising network and all major mobile RTB exchanges.
Adzmedia's mobile DSP conversion rates are 3X-5X times higher than any other mobile advertising network around.
Giving your ads global visibility and a greater reach, communicate to high-quality users while building your application the right way up.
Precisely and programmatically target and retarget users based on geographies, demographics, type of device used, nature of applications downloaded, IP addresses, etc.
Adzmedia DSP supports all kind of ad-formats from display, interstitial, rich media, native & video very much. We do have traffic in all such formats, so that our advertisers can bring engagement and innovations in advertising campaigns.
AffectvBanner, Native, VideoVisit SiteAffectv specialises in recognising when new customers are in-market and optimises their customer journey across display, native and video advertising
Programmatic technologies were supposed to make advertising easier - but they've often made things more complex instead: DMP, DSP, DCO - Ad tech is drowning in hype, acronyms and poorly integrated software.
Using a single, integrated platform, we build a fluid profile of each individual as they browse, search for and share content across millions of sites.
Affectv is delivering results globally and developing solutions to find and deliver new customers to brands.
We know what consumers are doing before you do, because we see what they browse, search and share online. Empowered by this knowledge, we turn them into your new customers, with a relevant ad, tailored just for them. The smart way to new customers saves you time, effort and money.
AffiliateFutureBanner, EmailVisit SiteEstablished in 1999, we have been around since the dawn of affiliate marketing. The AF team has unmatched knowledge and boundless zeal for affiliate marketing.
Extensive Publisher Network: With over 300,000 potential contacts to drive your sales.
AF's reporting interface allows you to easily analyse and refine your programme.
AF works with a select group of partners whom we believe will provide our advertisers with additional opportunities to increase sales. These include call tracking, retargeting and basket abandonment.
AF is pay for performance. You set commission levels and as a result you are in control of your ROI.
Affiz1.2BVideo, Interstitial, BannerVisit SiteAFFIZ offers premium services to publishers and mobile apps developers.
Increase your fill rate & eCPMs Mediation platform with top world's advertisers. Bidding system prioritizing the best remuneration.
High eCPM ad format: Negotiated prices with the main video Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) and local ad providers.
High eCPMs & 100% fill rate: Partnerships with premium ad networks, ad exchanges, affiliation platforms.
Long-time experience: Wise advices to improve your revenue, bringing you technical and marketing skills.
Airpush6B$50Push, Video, Mobile, BannerWorld class mobile ad network and mobile app monetization using first-party data and the most advanced targeting and ad formats. The world's top advertisers rely on Airpush to reach mobile users and top developers and publishers use Airpush for the highest performing monetization solutions on the market.Visit SiteBillions of Impressions Across 12 ad formats, from a single interface.
Airpush advertisers can choose from a variety of ad formats designed to engage with users in an impactful and meaningful way.
Airpush has not only re-imagined industry standards, such as banner and video ads but also introduced entirely new formats like Abstract Banners.
Airpush advertisers and developers benefit from an expansive, distributed global team of professionals that reach all corners of the globe.
Being data-driven innovators with solid expertise and creative vision, Airpush provides disruptive and high performing monetization and advertising solutions.
AltroozMobile, Social, Native, Video, DSPAltrooz, marketing solutions, advertisers, publishers, mobile marketing, data management, global networkVisit SiteEngage your audience with native mobile video ad units that include social features. Experience full viewability metrics, audience insights and social features that give your campaigns an organic lift.
Using video or display we get your most powerful brand messages to your audience and share back deep data on viewability, audience insights and social metrics.
Enhance your social marketing results by leveraging our 1st Party mobile data to upload custom audiences that uniquely help you find the "look-a-like" users that matter most.
Our unique algorithms are tuned to identify and report fraudulent activity from publishers and we guarantee non-payment to publishers should any suspicious activity arise.
With over 50 Million app downloads to date, our global performance network can help you win high-value users for your iOS or Android apps all over the world.
Amazon AssociatesNative, BannerVisit SiteNative Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed and responsive ad unit that can be placed at the end of content or within the content to create a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity
Place Native Shopping Ads in product article pages to automatically display relevant product recommendations from Amazon based on your page content and visiting users. It's mobile responsive so you can place it at the end of content and it will adapt based on the page container and device type.
Native Shopping Ads allow your visitors to take advantage of search results from Amazon directly on your website. Include product recommendations based on search phrases or key words selected by you or entered by your visitors.
Handpick your favorite products that you would like to promote and place the ad unit within your product article posts. It is flexible, elegant and adds to your content.
Seamlessly integrate highly relevant recommendations in a responsive ad unit to earn more.
AmobeeVideoThe world's leading independent advertising platform, Amobee unifies all advertising channels-including TV, programmatic and social-across all formats and devices, providing marketers with streamlined, advanced media planning capabilities powered by in-depth analytics and proprietary audience data.Visit SiteEnd-to-end campaign and portfolio management across TV, digital and social.
Plan and buy reserved inventory deals alongside real-time programmatic bidding.
Recognize consumers using a person-level identity framework and orchestrate their brand experience across all screens, with definitive online to offline campaign measurement.
Reach the right people with definitive targeting, leveraging a rich taxonomy of data from 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party sources.
Reveal swathes of relevant inventory that would otherwise go undiscovered. Inform your purchase decision with in-depth knowledge of buying patterns, top sites/visits, dayparting trends, core attributes, audience interests and even geolocation.
Anetwork4BBanner, RSS Feed, TextVisit SiteTrusted by Big Brands
Your ads on Persian websites are being exposed to millions of people
There is a place for ads on every website. We'll show your ads on websites related to your product and service, and you'll only pay per click (CPC) or based on a specific view count (CPM).
Most websites or businesses spend a lot of time producing or authoring content, but many people don't see it. The Entourk RSS Feed Campaign receives all the news and content from your website through the RSS feed of your website and expands your reach to thousands of people
Text ads, for their simplicity, make it easy for users to know the content of the ad and the subject matter of the advertiser's website.
Anonymous Ads2.3BBanner, TextVisit SiteThe first crypto advertising network in the market. Pay for the share of targeted traffic and useful actions
3 model of advertising: CPD, CPA and CPM. We respect privacy of network users. Pay through different cryptocurrencies
Advertising network with a great number of crypto currencies: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash etc
78M Impressions/day
$0.29 Average CPM
AppierBannerAppier is a technology company which aims to provide artificial intelligence (AI) platforms to help enterprises solve their most challenging business problems.Visit SiteAIQUA is a customer engagement platform that enables you to engage your audience based on their behavior inside and outside of your app or website environment. It helps you leverage AI to increase conversions across devices on marketing owned channels.
Our advertising solutions drive retention and ROI, drawing on AI algorithms that prospect for and acquire high-quality users for maximum engagement.
Drive high-ROI installs at scale while maximizing app users' lifetime value through retargeting.
Exploit AI to find the best audience and reduce inefficiency and redundancy.
Bring your app high-ROI audience at scale while optimizing towards installation, purchase, retention and others. App retargeting powered by deep learning-based audience selection and AI-driven recommendations.
AppnessMobile, Social, BannerCreative & Media Buying Lab for Mobile AdvertisingVisit SiteUser acquisition from top traffic sources (FB, Google, Snapchat etc.)
Creative & Media Buying Lab
for Mobile Advertising
The platform opens up access to unlimited ad creatives and valuable insights on app marketing, which facilitates user acquisition across all major platforms, such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat, etc.
The platform unites talented freelance ad designers from all around the world, which solves the problems of “tunnel vision” and lack of creative ideas.
Smart traffic management system driven by AI
AppNext$200Mobile, Banner, NativeAppnext is a leading mobile discovery platform, helping over 750M users discover the most relevant apps they need specifically when they intend to use them. Since 2012 Appnext has disrupted the mobile industry, allowing app marketers to get their apps discovered, used and re-used providing a unique targeted ad experience to top publishers, advertisers and OEMs. Utilizing our Timeline patent-pending user intelligence technology that leverages location and historical behavioral patterns to understand the unique context of a user, we are able to predict the action he/she is likely to be taking next.Visit SiteThe Appnext discovery platform powers 3B personalized app recommendations daily via 60 Thousand different apps through exclusive in-app and on-device placements, representing an exciting new layer of app discovery experience.
Appnext continuously engages and re-engages users. Over 750 Million customers interact with Appnext powered app recommendations on average 20 times every single day along their mobile journey.
Interact with new, high-intent users in a personalized and engaging manner while maximizing mobile revenues streams resulting from more accurate, personalized app recommendations.
Appnext's unparalleled self-serve platform provides unique access and a 360° view over the campaign targeting, creatives, goals and performance, allowing full transparency and control of your activity with real-time insights into your KPIs.
Appnext Timeline is a patent-pending user intelligence technology that leverages location and historical behavioral patterns to understand the unique context of a user and predict the action he/she is likely to be taking next.
appTV90BBanner, MobileVisit SiteTo deliver great results, we base our campaign management strategy on meeting your KPIs.
appTV's LifeTime Value optimization technology delivers maximized campaign ROI through precision targeting. By leveraging historical data, appTV's reAdserverâ„¢ selects the traffic sources proven to deliver engaged users to our advertisers.
appTV reAdserverâ„¢ supports all screens: desktop-display, mobile, tablet and Connected TV. With each screen type, we offer a variety of ad formats using our unique ad-tags and tracking solutions: video ads, native ads and banners.
appTV has hundreds of exclusive deals with publishers, generating up to 2 billion impressions per day.
ArbitrageLeadsBanner, Email, Mobile, Native, Search, SocialVisit SiteArbitrage Leads is a hi-performance marketing network with an
exceptional track record focusing solely on our advertisers' needs
and providing tailored marketing tools to achieve their goals
Benefit from our large list of distribution channels and marketing methods to understand how your program/advert can convert in different ways with robust tracking and reporting.
Finding leads that convert into a long-term customer (the sale) is our number one priority when working with our advertisers. When you utilize the services of Arbitrage Leads, it akin to hiring an internal sales force at your disposal.
Be it be an idea, a brand, a product or a service, we match it up with affiliates in our database. Our Affiliates specialize in generating consistent and quality customer acquisition using cost-effective affiliate marketing channels which include contextual, email, mobile, native, search, and social.
To become a success in the virtual work, it comes down to you and your brand! We've got the team, the traffic, the experience, and the network to boost your name and to achieve the ranks as a trusted partner and authority in the market space.
Artoflick4B$10Video, Mobile, BannerVisit SiteLeading performance-based mobile media agency in Asia-Pacific. Art Of Click stays close to mobile app advertisers' needs by delivering increasing revenue for advertising spent.
With four billion monthly impressions – in South East Asia mobile app advertising only – we are number one for optimized campaigns promoting games, consumer brands and institutions.
All thanks to the fastest growing regional network of publishers such as leading local and international apps, sites, and mobile games, we can offer to our Advertisers outstanding visibility for advertising mobile apps.
The most dynamic and performance-driven companies already chose us to build their advertisement strategy online.
With Art Of Click, let your ad be accessible to the right users, at the right time, and the right cost, and make your mobile advertisement a concrete asset and a revenue-driver for your company.
Audience2MediaBanner, Video, MobileVisit SiteWe are an Audience Targeting Platform with an innovative and truly bespoke approach to running online advertising campaigns.
We offer Display, Video and Mobile brand advertising solutions to reach audiences through our advanced targeting features across all screens.
Delivering audiences based on their interests in real time across multiple screens for both B2B and B2C marketing segments.
Our unique algorithms illuminate audiences to make them highly visible for us to target in real time.
The goal is to influence the anonymous online person to interact with your brand, delivering higher engagement rates through brand awareness in real time.
Avazu100BMobile, Banner, Native, DSPA Leading Advertising Platform with Global CoverageVisit SiteAvazu DSP has brought remarkable performance for global partners in Branding, APPs, E-commerce, Gaming, CPA offers and many more.
Avazu aNative (Offering monetization solutions to Developers). Avazu aNative is a highly customizable displaying advertising, it offers seamless integration with a variety of applications, and one-stop app monetization solution for application developers, benefits channels, users and advertisers.
Avazu Inc has cooperated with more than 3000 high-quality media, and integrated their ad networks to cover multiple subjects, including finance, IT, automobile, news, entertainment, sports, women, etc. These channels can bring more than 100 billion monthly traffic and reach over 85% of the global Internet users.
Avazu Inc helps advertisers effectively control the promotion costs by providing a variety of pricing models, including CPA and CPC.
As different devices have diversified characteristics and functions, it is necessary for advertisers to compose customized ad creatives accordingly for different devices and audience. A majority of the big companies have already started to adopt cross-device marketing to keep their customers surrounded by their brand images.
AwinBanner, MobileVisit SiteAwin offers unparalleled reach to a diverse range of partners using a trusted and risk free commercial model.
Awin operates across 15 markets, with more than 200,000 active publishers generating sales in more than 180 countries worldwide.
Awin has expert account management teams dedicated to each market who are immersed in the local industry and can provide unparallelled insights, support and recommendations to grow and mature an affiliate program on the Awin network
Awin's easy-to-use platform is designed to make managing an affiliate program easy.
We approve all publishers before they join the network through an in-depth screening process so you can partner in confidence.
Baidu Advertising$2,000Banner, SearchVisit SiteImprove your return on ad spend by letting our veteran team manage your Baidu pay per click advertising campaign.
While Baidu ads are powerful, the competition is intense. You will be working against competitors that already have strong Baidu campaigns in place. Plus, China itself is quite a challenge, due to differences in language, culture and consumer behavior.
Advertising on Baidu's display network is a powerful way to increase brand exposure in China. Baidu's display network boasts more than 600,000 sites, providing access to far more impressions than could ever be attained on Baidu's search engine alone. And with an advanced targeting system, you can be sure your ads are reaching the right audience every time.
Baidu's Brand Zone advertising option allows brands to make a big impression in search results. When somebody searches for a brand name, such as “Coca-Cola”, Baidu will show them a large section of text, images and other multi-media.
No other form of search engine advertising is as visually engaging and dominant as Baidu Brand Zone.
BaronsMediaBanner, Video, MobileVisit SiteBARONSMEDIA is a veteran to the online advertising industry, offering a wide variety of ad solutions.
Barons emerged as an innovative company by building a proprietary adserving technology offering an impressive catalog of sophisticated display and video solutions
We give our advertisers and publishers the tools they need to make a lasting impression on discriminating audience.
Our clients come to Barons for our relevance, scale and answers. Our technology addresses advertisers needs with cross-platform capabilities and custom analytics, our products deliver wide scale engagement and measurable impact.
Our mission is to bring the certainty of science to the art of brand marketing. We make video advertising work best across all screens — for brands, publishers, and consumers.
BeeswaxDSP, Banner, MobileVisit SiteBeeswax's Bidder-as-a-Serviceâ„¢ (BaaS) provides sophisticated buyers with the transparency, flexibility, and control you need to make the most out of your programmatic spend.
Better Than a DSP, More Efficient Than Building One Yourself
Choice of supply and data partners customized to you. We'll do the rest.
Choice of optimization tools based on your level of sophistication.
Affordable and fair pricing model.
BegunMobile, Banner, IntextVisit SiteAdvertise On The Internet On Key Sites, Including Price.Ru, Google Adwords, Google Merchant Center.
Product advertising is an effective way to attract an audience to e-commers projects, which came exclusively for searching for goods and making purchases. Data from your price lists is updated automatically; payment is made for transitions.
Contextual advertising is a text advertisement with payment for clicks that are broadcast in search engines in accordance with the user's search queries, as well as on the Beguna advertising network in accordance with the interests of the user and the content of the site page.
Banner advertising is the most modern and effective media product for attracting a large volume of the target audience, with payment for real banner displays and flexible auction pricing.
Mobile advertising is broadcast to users of mobile devices on mobile resources, in applications and on regular websites, in accordance with the types of devices chosen by advertisers, operating systems and other target settings. Most effective for promoting mobile applications.
Between Digital45BNative, Mobile, Social, DSPVisit SiteRTB Open Auction / Private Deals: Purchasing Audience Segments, All types of retargeting, Look alike, Customization of transactions for client tasksCross channel coverage
TGB and promo posts on Facebook, Instagram, VK, Classmates
Targeting a territory with a given radius
Placement in thematic groups by targeting group members
The largest independent SSP in Russia
Bidsflyer3BVideo, Mobile, Native, Interstitial, Rich Media, BannerGet the maximum returns on your investmentsVisit Site30% of your marketing budget will no longer be used to fight fraudulent installs with our own built technology
You will know why and where your ads are being shown, nothing will be kept hidden from you
Hyper targeted audiences and exciting creatives will allow conversion to happen, thus more revenue
Interactive banners, Videos, Interstitials, Offer walls, App discovery, Native ads and Overlay info to maximize your conversions
Probability for your app to be downloaded per targeted user. You know what results to expect before even running the campaign
BidsoptVideo, Interstitial, DSP, BannerVisit SiteDrive traffic to your website or app to engage with your users. Get more unique users to your site.
Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognise a brand.
Drive customer acquisition campaign through programmatic and social channels.
We are connected with all leading exchanges to get the best traffic for your campaign.
We are obsessed with our customer service irrespective of your campaign budget.
BidtellectDSP, Native, VideoThe Purpose-Built, Buy-Side Native Advertising Platform with the Scale, Smarts, and Service to Deliver Superior Results.Visit SiteDistribute Your Content at Scale with Smart Native Advertising
Bidtellect is the Leading End-to-End Native DSP Built Specifically for Native Advertising
Distribute content to your target audience with Bidtellect's sophisticated audience targeting capabilities. Our technology can target across devices and products against multiple parameters, Contextual, Behavioral, Demographic and Location just to name a few.
Bidtellect can optimize toward one or multiple KPIs in any campaign, including CTR, Engagement Score, Conversions, Average Time on Site, Bounce Rate, Page Views Per Visit, View Rate and Play Rate.
Intellibidâ„ , Bidtellect's Optimization Engine, is in its third generation and is the most advanced optimization tool in the market.
BidVertiser13.7B$100Native, Push, Direct Navigation, Pops, XML, BannerBidVertiser offers targeted self-serve advertising solution for advertisers and agencies while helping publishers to make money from their website.Visit SiteReal-Time optimization of hundreds of data vectors
Top notch fraud-detection with zero tolerance to failure
Constant creative scanning assures a malware-free ecosystem
Super-fast delivery by own data center combined with distributed cloud
Real Time Bidding
BigClickPops, TeasersРеклама с оплатой за клики. Продаём и покупаем взрослый трафик с двух форматов: тизеры и кликандер. Имеется партнерская программа. Круглосуточная модерация и тех. поддержкаVisit SiteFor webmaster
Fast start
High profit
Payments once a week and upon request
Asynchronous code
Adaptive design
Realtime statistics
Help in setting up
24/7 technical support
Quality traffic
Two formats: teasers and clickunder
Detailed targeting
Realtime statistics
Detailed reports (as in Yandex.Metrica)
Help in setting up
Moderation 24/7
24/7 technical support

For webmaster
Why should you choose us? What are our advantages over competitors?

It's no secret that we are a successfully developing advertising network and are ready to work with you as a partner, listen to your wishes and solve your problems. We have a lot in the plans, we use the latest technology stack to achieve the highest system performance.

So what is important for a webmaster? In our opinion, profit is first and foremost, so we try in every possible way to help the advertiser buy the highest quality traffic so that he buys even more.

If the pros for a webmaster, besides profit, are protection from search engines in order to avoid sanctions, asynchronous code that does not "slow down" your site, it is also responsive design and flexible block settings for a higher CTR. Teasers are not repeated on the page, it is possible to set auto-update of teasers after a period of time, you can put a stub (if suddenly our advertisers don’t buy some of the traffic from your site, and you want to get more profit), we do not use "document.write" in our js code, detailed statistics, weekly and unscheduled payments, and much more. If you have any questions or are ready to offer individual terms of cooperation, write to us in telegram or email support@bigclick.me

Why should you choose us? What are our advantages over competitors?

It's no secret that we are a successfully developing advertising network and are ready to work with you as a partner, listen to your wishes and solve your problems. We have a lot in the plans, we use the latest technology stack to achieve the highest system performance.

So what is important for an advertiser? The advertiser is a key link in our advertising network, so we have created the most comfortable conditions for you.

We have made every effort to ensure that everything is convenient, transparent and honest. You can replenish your account through Webmoney and Yandex.Money, we have a massive addition of teasers, black and white lists of sites, a white list of ip addresses, targeting by: countries, regions, telecom operators, platforms, devices, browsers, display time. You can set a budget limit per day, macros for links, etc. The main advantage is our "Reports", they are very similar to Yandex.Metrica reports. You can watch any slices, build graphs on them, and much more. If you have any questions or are ready to offer individual terms of cooperation, write to us in telegram or email support@bigclick.me
Billy.mobi27B$100Mobile, Video, Native, Banner, InterstitialVisit SiteAdvanced technology proactively preventing fraudulent behaviour.
Active Bx to reach audience at the most granular level: Gender, age, city.
The advertisers self-service platform has been designed as a clean and simple tool in order to give total control over the optimization of your offer.
Easily Integrated Innovative Video Formats: Formats and placements that disrupt without intruding.
Innovative Ads On Formats That Work: Disruptive formats that promote apps at every stage of the marketing funnel.
BizzClick$500Banner, Mobile, Video, NativeVisit SiteCutting-edge Programmatic Advertising Solutions to Enhance Campaign Performance and Deliver Superior Results
BizzClick Self-Serve DSP is a robust media-buying platform based on programmatic technology
BizzClick SSP provides access to global programmatic partners and makes monetizing easier with an automated workflow.
Smart Targeting: Explore robust targeting capabilities, including GPS targeting, URL, domain targeting, audience targeting (retargeting), list management (publisher ID, site app ID, bundle ID, IP, app name)
Anti-Fraud Toolset: BizzClick provides anti-fraud toolset to eliminate the possibility of bot traffic and deliver your ads only to real people
Bluagile1B$500Banner, Push, Mobile, Native, VideoVisit SiteSelf-Serve Demand Side Platform. Media buying and RTB advertising technology for advertisers, brands, agencies, and ad networks
Access 65,000 plus ad opportunities per second and win ad placements in 200 milliseconds
Automatically identify profitable advertising opportunities in real time and distribute traffic on them, so you don’t have to analyze and monitor statistics for each campaign separately
Integrated with 30+ ad exchanges with access to billions of ad impressions on desktop, mobile, video, native, push, and in-app
Leverage our inventory in more than 200 countries to reach your advertising goals
Boo-boxBanner, Video, SocialVisit SiteHelp to enhance publisher's revenues with the sales of ads, while developing relevant, creative and innovative ways of raising the advertisers exposure.
Company that counts with a quality network of websites and blogs, available for media campaigns, with both, traditional and special formats.
We are a pioneers in the Brazilian digital market. Company with a quality network of websites and blogs, available for media campaigns, with both, traditional and special formats.
Podcast is the media that shows better results. Listeners and podcasters have a close interaction every week. The message is transmitted through the podcaster's voice, relying on his credibility and full attention of the user.
Our creative team transforms your brand in the main subject. Exclusive formats: Formats that take advantage of the engagement, attention, credibility, influence, reach and frequency that these vehicles can offer.
Brand NetworksSocial, Banner, Video, NativeWe deliver cross-channel media solutions that drive business outcomes. Across every digital touchpoint, be the marketing hero you want to be. Learn more about Brand Networks.Visit SiteCross-channel digital advertising may be in your crosshairs, but you operate differently today. We get it. Brand Networks develops and executes winning media strategies that work the way you want to—together or apart—across social, display, video, connected TV, Amazon, and more.
The award-winning Iris by Brand Networks is a cross-channel software suite that manages media day and night on every social platform, assisting media teams in their pursuit of performance and insights.
With more than 300 million active customer accounts worldwide, millions of eyes across Amazon-owned properties like IMDb and Fire TV, as well as troves of exclusive audience data at-the-ready for advertisers, and you can see why the world is excited about Amazon Advertising.
Turbo boost your social capital with our expertise as official partners with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. Drive direct response or build awareness from the most powerful AI-powered platform for social. Hello, Iris.
Get the simplicity, efficiency, and cross-channel performance you need with the high-touch managed service you want. Explore the five pillars of cross-channel success, media mix planning, audience activation, creative customization, media mix optimization and holistic analysis.
BrandReach30BBannerVisit Siteserving over a billion impressions a day on 35,980 websites
BrandReach is an Internet Ad Consulting company. We help each client formulate a strategy and then execute this strategy.
BrandReach believes in the value we bring to each deal and works almost exclusively on value-based engagements. Our goals are aligned with our clients' and we integrate with each client team.
Our clients range from some of the largest sites on the internet to some of the smallest. Currently, BrandReach is serving over 1.5 billion ad impressions per day, with the majority coming from North America & Europe.
This is a tremendous amount of traffic and unlike most Ad Networks, BrandReach is not trying to sell this inventory. BrandReach is working to find the best ways to monetize this traffic for each client.
BridgeTrackBanner, Search, EmailVisit SiteThese tools work together to intelligently target and retarget customers to build relationships and meet evolving success metrics.
BridgeTrack Ad Server empowers our clients to manage and optimize their ad campaigns in
real time, when it matters.
The full suite of tools works together to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time—across all digital channels.
BridgeTrack delivers the ability to be where your prospects can find you, with automated and optimized search marketing.
Deliver on strategic marketing objectives with comprehensive real-time reporting and automation from disparate locations and channels.
BrightcomVideo, Banner, NativeVisit SiteBrightcom is a Publisher Side Platform – Our ‘compass' proprietary technology and teams of trusted advisers across the globe turn us into an entry point for all the best the programmatic world has to offer. Our focus on the needs of our publishers allows us to offer advertisers premium traffic, quality assurance and exclusive media opportunities
With cherry-picked publishers and viewability as a key value, each campaign is optimized according to the client's specific needs and unique target audience.
Video advertising across mobile, desktop and connected devices. Maximum monetization and advances targeting for consistent, successful results.
Fully owned and developed technology for Mobile ads (including video) enables our publishers and advertisers to maximize yield across platforms.
Our team, backed by our state-of-the-art technology, ensures that your message is polished for each platform in terms of content, target audience and ROI.
BroadstreetBanner, Chat, Video, RSS, Pops, TextVisit SiteThe Ad Manager for Direct, Digital Sales. We help you win the sale. We provide outstanding support.
Built for and trusted by news and magazine publishers.
Broadstreet's team is consistently praised for its prompt and knowledgable support on review sites such as G2Crowd.
Generating reports for your clients shouldn't be time consuming. Broadstreet makes it easy to both run and automate reporting.
Set your sales efforts apart with our library of turn-key ad formats that get advertising prospects interested — and ready to say yes.
Many of Broadstreet's users initially switched from Google Ad Manager because it was simply too tedious and time consuming to use.
BuyMediaVisit Site
BuyMyAdsVisit Site
BuySellAdsNative, Email, Banner, PodcastVisit SiteAccess hundreds of publishers instantly. Get your product in front of passionate people from in-demand verticals like design, development, cryptocurrency, and tech-savvy early adopters.
One set of creative, hundreds of ad formats. Pick the perfect placements based on your goals. All ad formats fit seamlessly into the user interface.
Adblock on? No worries. Our whitelisted ads help you reach more technical, ad-averse audiences.
Marketplace: Find your perfect audience in our marketplace of +1200 publishers.
Maximize revenue potential by implementing our cutting edge header bidder.
C8 NetworkBannerVisit SiteThe first real-time bidding platform in Ukraine for conducting online auctions for the sale and purchase of advertising
Selling traffic through RTB to a large number of Ukrainian and foreign advertisers
Buying targeted impressions with full coverage of the Ukrainian audience across all networks, including international
To participate in auctions, sites and advertisers must use the single international standardized RTB protocol.
Join the advertising product, use the full range of formats. Use the capabilities of C8 in RTB technology. Increase the profitability of your networks
Carbon AdsBannerVisit SiteYour campaign only appears on high-quality design, development, or tech websites.
Your ads appear next to content that's valuable to your audience and relevant to your brand.
Carbon's simple ad design and exclusive network lets you reach tech audiences that ignore traditional programmatic ads.
Carbon offers exclusive advertising access on 600+ hand-picked websites and apps in the design, development, and tech spaces
Reach tech audiences through an exclusive network of design and development websites. When you run a Carbon campaign, your brand appears across hundreds of communities, blogs, resources, and tools that your audience uses to level up their work.
Cedato15BVideoVisit SiteUnique direct-to-player video supply path optimization (VSPO) analyzes the bid path for each impression to create a "single-hop" transaction process, reducing costs and fraud.
Cedato operating system for modern video powers 15B video impression each month
Autopilot campaigns based on completion rate & viewability KPI's. Bids will be submitted only to inventory with proven KPI's
Identify high performing inventory based on statistical data from look-alike brands.
Identify inventory from relevant sites in the areas of health, sports, education, entertainment, and more.
CentroDSPStreamline your digital media services with Centro. Click to learn why we are the digital advertising partner to take your digital media to the next level.Visit SiteAt the heart of Basis is our award-winning, omni-channel DSP. It's built for speed and performance so your programmatic campaigns thrive.
Generate better outcomes for campaigns by leveraging Basis' artificial intelligence engine. Choose algorithmic or machine learning optimization, which automatically analyzes data from more than 30 campaign parameters to optimize towards a desired goal. Make smart, optimized decisions to improve performance.
Target users in the moment with powerful geo-fencing capabilities that allow you to select granular points on a map, upload street addresses, or target places by category. Create place-based audiences of users who have been at a location, address, or category.
Centro leverages 15+ years of publisher relationships to bring you our best-in-class PMP library of over 2,000 active private deals across hundreds of top sites. Or, leverage Basis' vendor communication tools and seamlessly negotiate your own custom deals.
Reach individuals across multiple touchpoints, attribute conversions to the appropriate device, and drill into performance data with cross-device targeting and tracking.
ChartBoost40B$300Mobile, DSP, BannerGrow your mobile business with the leading in-app monetization and programmatic advertising platform. Mobile success starts here.Visit SiteGet direct access to over 900 million highly engaged in-app users worldwide
Easily create, launch, and track your campaigns in a powerful self-service dashboard that helps you target and acquire the users who matter.
Drive high-quality installs at scale with advanced targeting and with Flexbid – the only self-service tool offering the most robust bid amplifiers in the market.
View campaign performance past the click to optimize your acquisition budget. Our integrations with third-party attribution partners help you easily track retention, in-app purchases, and in-app events by publisher.
Choose how to tell your story. Our dynamic ad formats are optimized for performance. Drive engagement with immersive HD videos, playables, and interactive end cards proven to increase ROAS up to 50%.
Chocolate Platform1BVideoVisit SiteChocolate Premium: Worlds' First Video SSP With 100% Server-Side Auctions
Invite-only video SSP connecting premium brands with premium publishers at scale
Scale, transparency & quality inventory for your Mobile Video Ads needs
Unlock the true potential of your mobile inventory with industry leading eCPMs & Fill Rates
Revenue management platform for app developers
ClickAdilla15B$50Native, Pops, Interstitial, Banner, Push, Video, Direct LinksWe operate Premium traffic from our key partner on exclusive rightsVisit SiteGet your profit in big amounts with XML and RTB integration
Low traffic cost which starts from 0.01$ CPM
Premium high quality traffic from our exclusive partner's websites
Real-time counting of each targeting with avaible volumes, transparent system of competitor's bids
Self-service platform offers to create your advertising campaign in several clicks
Clickadu60B$100Adult, Video, Pops, Social, Push, Interstitial, Skimmed, BannerDigital advertising network for web and mobile channels with excellent expertise, unique capabilities, and experience in revenue maximization for publishers and advertisers.Visit SiteMobile Dialog Ad is a native mobile dialog window. A mobile device user receives a message when touches the screen
"SKIM" is a link that a publisher inserts on a specific site element, and after clicking on it, an advertisement appears to the user
Fully managed and self-service with campaign optimization
Quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering
Advanced targetings: geo, site, device type and more
Clickaine$20Adult, Pops, Skimmed, Preroll, Video, Banner, PushTraffic That ConvertsVisit SiteInnovative formats
Bids starting from 0.1 USD
Target by ISP
There is no minimum campaign budget limits with deposits kept as low as $20
RTB ad marketplace
ClickInTextIntext, BannerVisit SiteFor over 10 years now, our management has supported website publishers in a strategy to optimize their income. With our historic In-Text technology, we provide new ways to increase the profitability of a site.
With all of our technologies, we are able to satisfy both the interests of our publishers and our advertisers, thanks to extensive controls on the circulation and profitability of our advertising campaigns.
Recognized for our ability to pay publishers quickly, today we are one of the privileged agencies to increase revenues simply and efficiently. Our good ROI allow us to satisfy our advertisers and keep our campaigns over time.
At ClickInText we believe that the values ??of our advertisers must be respected from start to finish. This is why our Brand Safe solution analyzes and monitors the pages on which the visuals are displayed to ensure that they correspond to the expectations of our advertisers.
Because display and click fraud is constantly increasing, our engineers have developed powerful tools to anticipate and control the behavior of fraudulent publishers.
Clickky231BAdult, Video, Mobile, Native, Interstitial, DSP, BannerVisit SiteClickky‘s SSP. Connect your inventory to the larger global demand. Monetize applications and websites on mobile.
A programmatic service for mobile advertisers connecting ad campaigns to 15K traffic partners.
All optimization tools in your hands, at one place, including blacklisting and retention rate tools
AdExchange is the biggest mobile CPI marketplace. Through API publishers access a live feed of 30,000 offers from premium partners daily.
CPI prediction tool to never overpay for selected targeting
ClinkAD15BAdult, Native, Pops, Banner, TeaserProprietary native ads help you transparently acquire highly engaged users from specially crafted in-app ad placementsVisit SiteOur mobile performance network covers the globe, and is tailored to your acquisition needs
Our experienced media buying team delivers scale with transparency while working with your fixed CPI rates
Only Pay For Results - No need to pay for clicks or impressions. Only for real leads
We generate high quality leads in large volumes
Proprietary native ads help you transparently acquire highly engaged users from specially crafted in-app ad placements
ConnexityMobile, Social, BannerVisit SiteConnecting retailers to millions of shoppers across the globe
We manage the complexities of a wide range of customer acquisition channels on behalf of thousands of retailers, with 20+ years of proven success in the US and in Europe.
1B Over 1b Historical Shopping Intent Data Points Used To Optimize Campaigns
We deliver high quality and hard-to-reach customers at scale across a wide-range of channels, including our premium publisher network, our ShopYourLikes social influencer platform and differentiated approaches to traditional channels like Google Product Listings Ads.
Over 1600 Merchants including 50% of the IR 100
Content Locking$25Content LockingVisit SiteContent locking is where you take a link or a file and require someone to interact with an advertisement in order to download it.

Content.ad25B$500Native, Banner, Push, Pops, Exit Pop, MobileInnovative and advanced advertising strategies backed by an expert support team.Visit SiteSelect from Push, Native, Pop, and more with a friendly support team to guide you along the way.
Guaranteed by a state-of-the-art Quality Filtering System based on dozens of performance and behavioral metrics
Wide range of performance tools help us to optimize your ads for best quality performance.
Let us create content to educate and convert consumers and add scale to your campaigns.
Target by site, geo, device, operating system, and browser.
ConversantVisit Site
Cpmoz$10PopsCPMoz is a simple and efficient Pop Under Advertising Network that enables advertisers to connect with publishers from all over the globe. Register today to buy traffic or run advertising campaigns for your business . Make money with your website from day oneVisit SiteCPMoz is a simple and efficient Pop Under Advertising Network that enables advertisers to connect with publishers from all over the globe.
Targeted traffic – We provide geo-targeted visitors and also niche traffic
Optimized Campaigns – We optimize your advertising campaigns in order to get the best from your investment
Worldwide coverage – We can reach any part of the globe trough our publishers
CPV(pop under traffic) from $0.001
CPMStar$100Adult, Video, Text, Mobile, NativeVisit SiteCPMStar is The Oldest and Largest Ad Network in the Games and Youth Oriented Entertainment Space
Target audiences by channel, genre, geo-target, device and gamer type
CPMStar does not accept affiliate advertisers or offers
With our massive reach and strong focus on gaming we can confidently create a campaign to achieve and surpass your goals
CPMStar's highly skilled creative department can assist in the creation of banners or the high impact custom units if interested
CrimtanVideo, MobileVisit SiteWe invented lifecycle marketing for display to deliver maximum value to our clients.
We message each audience group differently according to their level of engagement.
We use high impact, engaging creative to attract new customers and bring them to your site.
We establish the best formats, the most efficient data and the most cost-effective media to find new customers.
We establish the most cost-effective frequency, viewability and media buy for each audience.
CriteoBanner, MobileGrow your business with best-in-class advertising technology solutions. Find, engage, and convert customers with Criteo, the advertising platform for the open internet.Visit SiteShowcase your brand with relevant product offers and flexible creative. With intelligent product recommendations, your ads will automatically feature the products most likely to trigger visits and engagement.
Get app engagement from new customers on mobile web, other apps, and across devices. Promote special offers that directly link to the product page within your app to increase traffic, encourage usage, and secure a lasting customer relationship.
Target new users, lapsed users, and active mobile web visitors with ads that drive installs. With an unmatched understanding of shopper behavior, the Criteo AI engine can power campaigns that target the users most likely to download and regularly use your app.
Get access to the world's largest open commerce data set built from over $800B in annual Ecommerce sales.
Deliver hyper-relevant ads that are powered in real-time by our AI Engine, which analyzes over 120 shopping intent signals from 35B daily browsing and buying events.
CxenseBanner, MobileVisit SiteWe capture user data from any device, across multiple sites, and from multiple devices
Craft bespoke segments that really drive your bottom line though increased campaign relevance and effectiveness by bridging multiple data sets.
Append your existing data with that from other sources to make it really stand out. What use is it to know everything you need to know if you can't use it in real-time to deliver a personalized experience to your reader?
Having all of your data centralized and actionable in a data management platform (DMP) makes all the difference to your bottom line – it simplifies your data and lets you drive conversions both on site and in-app.
Brands that understand us as individual shoppers are those we associate ourselves with. They are brands we endorse with repeat purchases, and those we are happy to advocate to our friends.
Dao AdVisit Site
DaoPush1.8B$50Adult, PushUnique conversion and monetization platform for push-notificationsVisit SiteWe do not allow markups - only live, high-quality traffic
We select the audience to show any unique parameters
We do not disturb users with frequent notifications
We have our own database of loyal subscribers on push notifications
Subscribers from 174 countries. In our database
DatawrkzDSP, Search, Social, Banner, Video, MobileVisit SiteAudience analysis and segmentation, retargeting strategy, new user acquisition, audience engagement, closure at the bottom of funnel.
Search, social, display, video, mobile, retargeting, A/B testing, campaign management, cross-device and cross-channel targeting and attribution.
Programmatic, 3rd party audience, 1st party audience, contextual data, retargeting, DSP, RTB, SSP, exchange, risks, fraud, and muchmore.
Datawrkz's Proprietary Demand Side Platform. Self-service or managed, you get full spectrum transparency
Cross-channel media optimization across Search, Social and all forms of Programmatic media
DataXuDSP, VideoVisit Sitedataxu helps marketing and media professionals use data to improve their advertising. Our software empowers you to connect with real people across all channels, including TV, capturing consumers' attention when and where it matters most.
dataxu today announced its integration with Amazon Publisher Services (APS), as TouchPoint becomes one of the first independent DSPs with access to APS' CTV inventory.
With dataxu's Advanced TV solution, you are able to bring your client's audience data to TV and granularly target at scale with real-time lookalike modeling. In addition, dataxu's solution enables you to control frequency like never before.
Our OneViewâ„¢ identity & data management platform empowers you and your client to identify individuals and build a more complete picture of their behavior across devices.
Everything we do here at dataxu may be powered by data, but it's inspired by you. Our technologies are designed to help you and your business achieve personal and professional success.
DatonicsDSP, VideoVisit SiteDatonics was a pioneer in providing search, intent, behavioral and B2B data to ad platforms during the birth of the programmatic industry. We allow partners to target various audiences and reach over 400M cookied users as well as 300M mobile users.
An Online Data Pioneer, Datonics Has Been A Leader In Providing Data To Ad Networks And Dsps Since The Birth Of The Programmatic Industry And Is Today The Largest Independent Data Marketplace.
Connect with us and find out how you can integrate the highest quality, cost effective and recognized data into your platform.
Monetize your audience data with the leading independent data aggregator in the industry. Contact us to see if you qualify.
Programmatic advertising has made monumental leaps for improving overall advertising performance. These enhancements come about when experts choose the best media for their ads, the best formula of social & display, as well as demographic or life-stage segments that fit best with the intended audience. The best behavioral interest segments increase ROI so you'll spend less and earn much more.
DatsPush180B$50Adult, PushThe biggest push ads network: just one network for unlimited way for monetizationVisit SiteCarrier/IP targeting
Black/White lists
Bid starts from $0.001
100% Real users
Dentsu Aegis NetworkSocial, BannerVisit SiteWe exist to help our clients win, keep and grow their best customers in the digital economy
We provide growth solutions and expert services that open up new business opportunities across the entire customer journey
We craft powerful strategic ideas that ground brands in platforms, creating impact and sustained connection
We architect rich media ecosystems that enhance context and content to deliver addressable connections at scale
We build and optimise marketing performance engines that drive measurable customer action and conversion
Developer MediaSocial, EmailVisit SiteDeveloper Media helps companies engage with developers in a meaningful way by providing display advertising opportunities through developer-centric sites, unique content, email marketing programs through CodeProject, and influencer and social engagement via industry-influencer Scott Hanselman, John Papa, James Montemagno and Jeff Fritz.
View on scroll and auto-optimization means banners across Developer Media sites offer superior performance. Great for awareness and traffic driving campaigns.
Position your company as the thought leader in any segment, language, platform or technology.
Send your message to our highly engaged audience. Our lists are double opt-in CASL and GDRP compliant. Make a statement with this exclusive email.
We work with you to find influential developers to write technical product reviews on your behalf and then integrate them onto CodeProject.
DigilantDSP, SocialVisit SiteImprove your return on ad spend by letting our veteran team manage your Baidu pay per click advertising campaign.
While Baidu ads are powerful, the competition is intense. You will be working against competitors that already have strong Baidu campaigns in place. Plus, China itself is quite a challenge, due to differences in language, culture and consumer behavior.
Advertising on Baidu's display network is a powerful way to increase brand exposure in China. Baidu's display network boasts more than 600,000 sites, providing access to far more impressions than could ever be attained on Baidu's search engine alone. And with an advanced targeting system, you can be sure your ads are reaching the right audience every time.
Baidu's Brand Zone advertising option allows brands to make a big impression in search results. When somebody searches for a brand name, such as Coca-Cola, Baidu will show them a large section of text, images and other multi-media.
No other form of search engine advertising is as visually engaging and dominant as Baidu Brand Zone.
Digital RemedyComplete digital solutions for advertisers, publishers, and agencies. From fancy targeting, complex data sets, and ad-ops support.Visit SiteDigital Remedy is designed to help advertisers (and their agencies) of any size or budget navigate the digital media landscape. Our goal is to push campaigns beyond normal success metrics and we have the people, technology, and data to make that happen.
Aside from directly interacting with products and brands, we also provide white-label services. In these instances we're able to ensure that your organization stays at the forefront of the digital evolution without any impact to your brand image.
Data rules all, and our advertiser clients gain full access to a multitude of data solutions. We're experts in identifying what's working and what's falling short of the finish line, and continuously optimizing campaigns to drive KPIs.
Our goal is to push campaigns as far as they can go and we have the people, technology, and data to make that happen. AdReady delivers content and campaigns to the right audiences by leveraging multiple consumer targeting strategies, advanced targeting practices, and data analysis.
OTT viewing combines the power of digital advertising with the premium content of traditional television, creating one of the most compelling and engaging user experiences.
Digital TurbineMobile, PushDigital Turbine simplifies app advertising, recommendation, delivery and tracking. Maximize revenue, increase user engagement and save cost.Visit SiteWe connect advertisers and agencies with new customers on the largest global telecom partners around the world, bypassing app stores and going direct-to-device with sponsored recommendations and native preloads.
We've delivered over 1 billion sponsored app installs
We're partnered with 70% of the top apps on Google Play
Global reach and scale, with access to over 150 million devices in more than 190 countries
Our advertising network guarantees fraud-free, operator-certified installs
Direct Advert30BBanner, MobileVisit SiteYour ads will be broadcast on the numerous sites of our partners - Directadvert combines more than 15,000 quality sites with an active and solvent audience.
600 million daily ad impressions

Different types of targeting. Fine tune advertising campaigns
More than 15,000 partner sites, including hundreds of top runet sites
Disqus AdvertisingNativeAdvertise to the most-engaged people on the web with Disqus native ads.Visit SiteReach the most engaged users from across the web on over 10,000 sites.
Advertisers and brands interested in advertising on Disqus can run native ads through our Sponsored Story unit.
The Sponsored Story fills the space between a site's content and our commenting software, putting your native ads directly in front of the Internet's most engaged audiences: dedicated readers and active commenters.

Division DVideo, Native, Social, Video, Banner, Mobile, SearchVisit SiteDivision-D is an effective digital advertising solution for brands. We offer innovative, evolving ad units to help advertisers thrive in the online advertising marketplace.
Achieve your performance goals with our high impact ad units. Our dynamic ad units combat falling click-through rates and improve campaign performance.
Division-D has direct partnerships with our publishers, and utilizes a strict vetting process to provide our clients with premium, relevant traffic in a highly viewable position. We take a proactive stance on industry issues with suspicious or fraudulent traffic by partnering with Moat for ad quality verification.
Customer service is a critical component of any vendor relationship and at Division-D, its importance is paramount. Prompt, friendly, understanding, and smart service is what we strive for.
Division-D offers inventory, placement, and targeting options for campaigns with a variety of KPIs spanning from brand awareness to direct response. When strategizing a media plan, we take a holistic approach to our recommendations based on the KPIs we are tasked with hitting.
DotAndMediaText, XML, Video, Banner, Email, NativeVisit Site1st Italian Adserver
90% of Italian users reached
The Dot & Ads adserver , the Dot & Sales management system and the Dot & Insight data management platform are the technological solutions entirely developed by DotAndMedia.
72nd for Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2015
The Trafficking service allows the customer to take advantage of the DotAndMedia specialists to carry out the loading, testing, validation and reporting operations of the campaigns provided through the Dot & Ads system.
DoubleResultsBannerVisit Site
DrawbridgeVisit Site
DstilleryVisit Site
DynAdVisit Site
e-PlanningVisit Site
Earnify600B$100Native, Push, DSP, BannerVisit Site
EdomzPopsVisit Site
EffiliationVisit Site
EngageyaPushEngageya is the world's largest content and native advertising platform for emerging markets, with vast reach in: North Africa, Middle East, Russia & CIS and East Europe.Engageya's free content recommendations widget increases page views and time on-site, reduces bounce rate and generates immediate native revenue stream.Visit Site
Epom MarketMobile, DSPVisit Site
EQ WorksVisit Site
Ero Advertising30B$50Adult, Pops, Domain Redirect, Banner, Native, Direct Links, Video, InterstitialVisit SiteRedirect Advertisements
Mobile Carrier Targeting
XML / RSS Feed Advertisement
Text Advertisements
Fullpage Advertisements
eTargPushVisit Site
EtargetVisit Site
Etology10BAdult, Banner, Video, Text, Pops, Instant MessageVisit SiteText Tab Ads are a very cost effective and efficient way to find consumers who are already interested in your product
Instant Messaging chat box ads display a 250×150 chat window at the bottom right of the page that links through to your content when clicked
Etology carefully scans each ad and only makes deals with trusted media buyers from our network of pre-qualified Advertisers
We have access to exclusive traffic sources in every niche or sector of the market
All of our traffic is sold on a CPM (Cost Per 1,000 impressions) basis to ensure you know exactly how much traffic you are buying
EuroadsVisit Site
EvaDav10B$100Push, Native, Mobile, DSPThe advertising network based on push-notifications is a new product focused on monetizing websites and providing push-notification service.Visit SiteAll of your creatives are monitored with machine-learning algorithms and checked manually to ensure 100% brand safety for the best user experience
Possibility to target your audience by GEO, OS, Browser and many other parameters
Our solution automatically cuts off any bot or suspicious activity, providing only real users and live audience for your campaigns
More than 200M push ads are delivered everyday for our advertising partners, ensuring high ROI
Ads are always shown in the viewable area for the user, ensuring ultimate viewability for your creatives
ExoClick210B$200Adult, Push, Email, Video, Pops, Interstitial, Native, Banner, Direct LinksServing 7 billion geo-targeted ads daily via our ad network and ad exchange.Visit SiteBid for traffic in real time and access billions of daily impressions.
Advertise with high quality members area publishers
Ideal for Dating, Cams, Nutra, Tutorials and Games offers
High volumes of exclusive traffic sources
Buy display banners reaching CTR's upwards of 5%
Exponential InteractiveVideoVisit Site
Eyereturn marketingVisit Site
eZanga$100PPCeZanga.com, the trusted online marketing firm, specializing in online advertising and publishing platforms.Visit SiteTarget your traffic when your customers are most ready to buy
Access to traffic from over 300,000 unique sources that the big search engines ignore
We play in spaces the big three search engines leave behind
Only show your ads where your potential clients are located, right down to the zip code
Make mass changes and updates, quickly and easily
EZMob$100Push, MobileEzmob is a leading Mobile Advertising Company. We enable you to buy pop and push traffic and monetize via banner ads at effective rates. Set up a new campaign with us today!Visit Site
Facebook AdsVideo, Mobile, Banner, SocialVisit Site
Federated MediaVisit Site
Fidelity MediaVisit Site
FlashtalkingVisit Site
Foxvisits$25NativeVisit Site
FPTraffic$10SocialVisit Site
FreakOutVisit Site
FriendFinder NetworksVisit Site
FroggyAds$100Native, Banner, Push, Pops, Video, InterstitialVisit Site
GadmobeVisit Site
Galaksion$15Banner, Pops, InterstitialGalaksion is a global advertising network for webmasters willing to monetize websites, advertisers and affiliates. We offer advanced targeting, many digital ad formats and a vast pool of sites and partners. Our ad platform helps people both monetize their web presence and promote their products on websites all over the world.Visit Site
GamutVisit Site
GetIntentVisit Site
Global Advertising MediaEmailVisit Site
GlobalMediaVisit Site
Go2mobiGo2mobi is a mobile advertising DSP that leverages first-party data to generate measurable return on ad spend for brands, agencies, and marketing professionals.Visit Site
Google AdMobVisit Site
Google AdsSearch, BannerVisit Site
Google Marketing PlatformVisit Site
Green & Red TechnologiesMobile, BannerVisit Site
GSI Media NetworkBanner, RedirectsVisit Site
GunggoAdultVisit Site
Harren MediaVideoVisit Site
HasTraffic$1,000Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Domain, Chat, Pop, Back Button, SearchBuy & sell clicks in a transparent CPC auction. Any vertical. All geos.Visit SiteDedicated professionals will make recommendations based on campaign's vertical
Feature your exclusive or top performing campaigns on our publisher Offer Wall
Ad fraud protection with advanced, proprietary detection and filtering
Advertiser campaigns remain competitive and sustainable with our low, *13.7% margin
Bid on hundreds of publishers and sources with targeted and filtered traffic
HillTopAds1.6B$50Adult, Push, Video, Native, Pops, Direct Links, BannerHilltopAds Ad Network offers different kinds of monetization opportunities to website owners and advertising agencies while providing advertisers access to millions of targeted users from around the globe.Visit SiteVerified Traffic
Competitive Rates
Self-Service Platform
White and Black Lists
HotWordsVisit Site
HttpoolVisit Site
Hulu$12VideoVisit Site
IcyAds10B$50Push, Pops, Domain10 Billion Worldwide Ad Requests Monthly. Domain Redirect, Push Notifications, POP and iOS Calendar Ad Exchange.Visit SitePop Ads
Low-cost advertising channel to put your brand in front of massive audience.

Push Notifications
Instantly deliver your advertising message to the users device. Direct channel with high visibility and great interaction.

Domain Redirect
Premium quality full-page ads triggered by redirects from parked domains.

iOS Calendar
Coming Soon!

Register and speak with our team to launch your first campaign!

Self-Serve Platform
Easy to use platform with multiple options for targeting.
Global reach
We have traffic for your campaigns from all over the world.
Anti-Fraud protection
We work only with trusted sources to ensure the best quality of traffic for you.
Start monetizing your traffic with us

Real-time Reporting
Monetize traffic from all countries.
Worldwide Coverage
Monetize traffic from all countries.
Easy Integration
Fast and easy process to start business with us.
i-mobileVisit Site
IcubesWireVisit Site
Ideal MediaVideo, Mobile, BannerVisit Site
Impresiones WebVisit Site
Improve DigitalVideo, BannerImprove Digital is the All-in-One Advertising Platform for Publishers, Content Providers and Broadcasters.Visit Site
IndustryBrainsVisit Site
Infectious MediaVisit Site
InfolinksDirect Links, InterstitialVisit Site
InMobiMobileVisit Site
InnityVisit Site
InnovidVisit Site
Integral MarketingMobile, BannerVisit Site
Intent IQVisit Site
IpromVisit Site
iPromoteVisit Site
IronSRC$14MobileironSource builds technologies that help app developers take their apps to the next level, including the industry's largest in-app video network, a robust mobile ad mediation platform, and a data-driven user acquisition platform.Visit Site
iZootoPushYour owned audience marketing platform to help you build your audience and keep it engaged via Web Push Notifications.Visit Site
JivoxVideo, Mobile, NativeVisit Site
JuiceADVVisit Site
JuicyAds24B$50Adult, Banner, Native, PopsVisit SiteAnti-Fraud Comes Standard
Blacklist and Whitelist
Device Type Targeting
Niche/Channel Targeting
JuicyAds is the most awarded adult advertising network in history with over 20 awards.
KadamPushVisit Site
KontextuaVideo, Text, Mobile, Native, BannerEarn additional cash with our in-Text, in-Image, Related Tags, Display and Special Formats, and Much More.Visit Site
LaunchBitVisit Site
Leadbolt$100MobileLeadbolt is a High Performance Mobile advertising platform for User Acquisition and In-app monetization.Visit Site
LifeStreet MediaVisit Site
LigatusNativeVisit Site
LinkbucksBannerVisit Site
LinkConnectorVisit Site
LinkedIn AdsSocialUse LinkedIn self-service ads to target and reach more than 630 million professionals worldwide. All you need is a LinkedIn account. Set your own budget. Pay by clicks or impressions. Stop your LinkedIn ads at any time. No long-term contracts. No commitments.Visit Site
LiveIntentVisit Site
LomadeeVisit Site
LookSmart$25SearchReach Audiences Beyond The Major Search EnginesVisit Site
Makazi GroupVisit Site
Malta CPMVisit Site
Marketing AdjalVisit Site
Markit on DemandVisit Site
Matomy Media GroupVisit Site
Media.netNative, Banner, MobileVisit Site
MediahubBanner, Pops, Page Takeovers, Messenger Pop, Aligator Pop, OverlaysMediahub is the 'Hub' of products and services designed to increase growth online.Visit SiteA self-serve ad exchange that provides solutions for advertisers to buy traffic
A fully managed digital agency helping businesses grow online through advertising
We help you reach your goals by optimizing your campaigns automatically
We allow you to reserve a large amount of traffic in advance
We monitor the quality of our traffic to deliver results
MediaMathDSPVisit Site
MediavenusAdult, Mobile, NativeVisit Site
MedleyVisit Site
MedyaNetVideo, Mobile, Rich Media, Banner, EmailVisit Site
Megapu.sh150B$100PushMegaPu.sh, megapu.sh , megapush, Push-notifications are short-form notifications with an icon on the browser or a mobile device of your client reminding about important events or updates, The first advertising network Push-notifications,New Ad Format,Push NotificationsVisit SiteThe Minimum Price Is 0.001$ Per Click
A unique system of work. No intermediary sources. Only you and the user
Megapu.sh is not just an ad network with its own subscribtion bases, but it is full scale DSP with over 70+ push traffic sources connected to it
Megapu.sh is the largest push notification ad network. Since the ad is delivered directly to the user's device, it eliminates almost any possible bot traffic
Traffic From All Countries
MeltVisit Site
MeteoraVisit Site
MGCashContent LockingVisit Site
MGID165B$100Native, PushVisit Site
MicroAdVisit Site
Microsoft Ads5.5BVideo, Mobile, SearchVisit SiteIf you're already using another product for search engine marketing, like Google Ads, it's easy to pull that campaign into Microsoft Advertising.
The Microsoft Search Network is a part of your customers' lives, powering the devices, apps and sites they use every day and meeting them in the moments that matter most.
Learn how to run and optimize campaigns to grow your business with advice from the experts at Microsoft Advertising.
Your secret tool to master the customer journey - Learn how to unlock marketing superpowers with AI
Reach people in the Microsoft Search Network everywhere or focus your paid search ads on cities, counties and areas with a certain distance from your business.
Microsoft Advertising Microsoft AdvertisingVisit Site
Mirelia Networks600MPops, Banner, PushWe work with performance-based marketing models and bring only high-quality traffic to your offers.Visit Site
MobadsVisit Site
MobairMobileVisit Site
MobicowMobileFull screen mobile ads Full impactVisit Site
MobideaPush30B$50Push, DSPVisit Site
MobileFuseMobileFuse delivers consumer clarity, enabling our partners to understand, target and influence consumers in a way that no other mobile technology company can.Visit Site
MobusiMobileWith mobusi, Advertisers and Publishers reach campaign goals and maximize revenue thanks to our in-house developed technology and own traffic sources.Visit Site
MobVistaMobile, PushMobvista is a leading technology platform providing mobile advertising and mobile analytics services to the app developers globally. With its robust big data and AI capabilities, Mobvista has provided user acquisition services to over 2,000 advertisers and has delivered ads to over 7 billion unique mobile devices.Visit Site
MoPubNative, Rich Media, BannerMoPub, a Twitter company, provides monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and developers around the globe. Our flexible network mediation solution, leading mobile programmatic exchange, and years of expertise within mobile ads mean that publishers can trust MoPub's platform to maximize their ad revenue and control their user experience.Visit Site
MoPubiVisit Site
MrSkinCashVisit Site
My6Sensemy6sense provides an end-to-end platform for ad networks, group publishers and DSPs to easily enter the programmatic native advertising market.Visit Site
Native AdsNativeHelping publishers earn more money generating higher CPMs and CTRs with native advertising using content recommendation, in-stream, in-text and exit bounce widgets. Advertisers can increase conversions, engagement and brand lift with unique native ad formats.Visit Site
Nativo200MNativeNativo delivers meaningful content experiences to consumers, automates the way marketers distribute and analyze the impact of branded content, and enables media companies to sell, deploy and optimize paid native content across their properties.Visit Site
NeedlsFacebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising Made SimpleVisit Site
NeodataVisit Site
NeptuneAdsPushVisit Site
Net AvenirVisit Site
NetAffiliationVisit Site
Nexstar DigitalNational scale with a local approach, Nexstar Digital businesses provide digital media solutions to local and national brands, advertisers, and publishers.Visit Site
NextAdnet$100Banner, Video, MobileVisit Site
OctoMobPush, Pops, VideoVisit Site
OpenXVisit Site
OptAimVisit Site
Optimise Media GroupVisit Site
Outbrain275BNativeOutbrain helps over 1 billion people discover content, products and services that may be of interest to them.Visit Site
OxaMediaVisit Site
PayClick$20NativeVisit Site
Persona.lyMobileMachine Learning Driven Mobile User AcquisitionVisit Site
Pinterest AdsSocialDiscover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try.Visit Site
PixFutureVisit Site
PiximediaVisit Site
Platform161Visit Site
PlistaVisit Site
PlugRush$10Adult, Pops, Banner, Redirects, Native, PushVisit SiteAccess billions of impressions all over the world through our fast and easy-to-use advertising platform
Set up S2S conversion tracking via postback URL and monitor conversion rates and ROI
With re-targeting you can increase your ROI by receiving high-value users back to your campaigns
Our system automatically filters bots, scanners and other automated traffic on-the-fly to keep your campaigns safe
Save time by setting up automatic rules on a range of metrics to let our system optimize your campaigns for you
Pollux NetworkBannerVisit Site
PopAds2.4B$10Adult, Pops, Tabunder, Tabup, BannerSimply the best popunder adnetwork in the industry - try and check yourself!Visit SiteAll publishers pages are human reviewed and have our internal quality measure assigned
Offers lots of targetting options: category, keyword, country and even time
You have many payment options
Advanced anti fraud system, which filters out all proxy and bots
By offering reasonable rates, support and fast payouts to our publishers, we have managed to get lots of inventory
Popadup360BPops, Native, Banner, DSPVisit Site
PopCash2B$5Adult, PopsPopCash - The Popunder Network. Buy and sell popunder traffic with the leading advertising network.Visit SiteChoose between: GEOs, Devices, Operating Systems, Carriers, Browsers and additional custom parameters
We use both internal and third party tools in order to repress fraudulent activity
Optimize and automate your collaboration with PopCash using our robust API
Full control over your campaign : Create / Manage / Edit / Pause / Delete your campaign
Your campaign will be approved within 1 hour in our business days and up to 12h on weekends
PopEarnPopsVisit Site
PopMonetizePopsPopMonetize is a leading Online Marketing Service provider with premium digital marketing spaces and an extensive network of exclusive demand partnersVisit SiteDirect access to premium inventory
Quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering
Smart optimization system and concise reporting to boost effectiveness of your campaigns
Get higher conversion rate by targeting the right audience
Connect with advertisers and publishers worldwide
PopMyAds$25PopsBest popunder network in the planet. Amazing CPMs and traffic!Visit SiteTarget country, OS, browser, source (adult/mainstream), frequency cap
Advanced anti fraud system, which filters out all proxy, bot and low quality traffic
Manage and overview accurate and easily all of the campaigns
Powerful dashboard allows advertisers to manage and overview accurate and easily all of their campaigns
Campaigns can be managed at your convenience
PowerInboxPushVisit Site
PPCBuzzAdult, Pushprovides ultimate solution for both publishers and advertisers. Combining leading technology and excellent customer support is making us one of the biggest players in the online marketingVisit Site
PPCMateNative, Banner, Push, Pops, VideoBuy cheaply high quality web traffic from desktop or mobile devices. Receive targeted visitors from all countries. Sign up and get FREE 5000 visitors!Visit Site
PrimisVisit Site
Project WonderfulBannerVisit Site
Propel MediaThe Propel Media Ad Marketplace connects digital marketers with unique audiences through real-time intent-based technology.Visit Site
PropellerAds$100Native, Pops, Interstitial, Direct links, Push, Banner, MobilePropeller Ads offers monetization opportunities to website owners while providing affiliates and advertising agencies access to more than 1 Billion users from around the globe.Visit SiteBoost productivity by cutting manual processes – auto optimize your ad campaigns
Feel secure with fraud prevention technology, based on analysis of 25M+ conversions monthly
Explore the immensely powerful and easy-to-use Self-Serve Platform
Our real-time traffic estimator helps you see how a campaign’s bid and targeting settings impact your ad’s reach
Serve ads to 1 Bn+ monthly, non-incentivized users from all over the world
PubDirecte€1Pops, Banner, MobileVisit Site
PublicidadVisit Site
PubMaticVideo, Mobile, Native, BannerVisit Site
Pulpo MediaMobile, BannerVisit Site
PulsepointVisit Site
Purify DigitalVideo, Text, Mobile, BannerVisit Site
Push Guru$25PushVisit Site
Push Monetization$50PushVisit Site
Push-AdPushVisit Site
PushGround12B$100Push, DSPVisit Site
PushHousePushVisit Site
Pushy-AdsAdult, PushThe Leading Adult Network for Push MonetizationVisit Site
QuantcastVisit Site
QuinStreetVisit Site
QverseDSP, SocialVisit SiteQverse is a data-centric growth marketing company. We help grow mobile brands to become the market leaders of tomorrow by offering holistic performance marketing solutions, developed inhouse to increase revenue and monetisation, with complete transparency.
Utilize the enormous reach and exact targeting of social media and search advertising for lead generation, customer loyalty and branding.
sage of social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Xing , LinkedIN Instagram etc. is continuously increasing. Therefore, advertising on social media channels for B2B companies is more important than ever before.
Managed Performance Marketing - Our Predictive Mobile Targeting Approach from Progammatic Media Buying over Innovative App Ranking solutions to customized re-targeting campaigns we offer it all...
Utilize precise targeting and achieve highest click through rates with our self-service ad platform. Manage your campaign on the spot in real time.
ReachEffect$100MobileVisit Site
RealPushPushVisit Site
Redirect$20Email, Native, Domain RedirectNative Advertising & RedirectVisit SiteEmail and Web Native Ads
Target traffic by carrier, days of the week
Advertising or content in the newsfeed premium email newsletter
Native ads in both websites and email newsletters
Ad units are 100% customized to the publisher's look
ReklamportVisit Site
Revcontent250BNative, PushRevcontent is a leading content discovery platform helping advertisers drive a highly engaged audience through technology and partnerships with some of the world's largest media brands.Visit Site
RevenueHits$20Banner, Pops, InterstitialVisit Site
RevTopVisit Site
RhythmOneVideoVisit Site
RichPush120B$250Adult, PushPush-notifications ad network for performance-marketers.Visit Site4 Billion daily impressions RichPush is one of the biggest push notifications ad networks in the world
AI-enabled Automatic optimization
16 Targeting Options
Leverage machine learning algorithms to get as many conversions as possible within your target cost per conversion
Make optimizations automatically, based on
conditions you choose
RichRelevanceVisit Site
RobloxVisit Site
RoyalAds$50MobileVisit Site
RTX Platform$500Push, Native, Full PageTap into the world's largest performance marketing exchangeVisit Site
Rubicon ProjectVideoVisit Site
RunVisit Site
RunativePushRUNative is a self-service ad-network for push and native advertising. We serve targeted ads through advanced bidding systems and offer OpenRTB for both publishers and advertisers.Visit Site
ScootaVisit Site
Second MediaVideo, Mobile, Banner, EmailVisit Site
Select MediaVideoVisit Site
Self Advertiser2.2B$100Pops, Push, DSPVisit Site
Simpli.fiVisit Site
SitePlugPushVisit Site
SiteScoutVideo, Mobile, BannerVisit Site
SizmekVisit Site
Slimspots2BAdult, Pops, Banner, Redirects, Video, Instant MessageVisit SiteTarget and filter by Country, Operator, Connection, Device, OS and Browser.
Benefit from our handwritten system which provides you a high flexibility when it comes to your campaigns
You know when your customers are most profitable? Simply target those time frames
Whatever you want to run: CPA, CPC, CPL, CPI or others: we work with all of them
Wherever you need traffic: slimspots provides traffic in every GEO you can imagine for acquire new customers
SmaatoVideo, Mobile, BannerMobile-first platform and free ad server for publishers, app developers, agencies, DSPs and ad networks. Monetize your app or get targeted mobile traffic.Visit Site
Smart AdServerVisit Site
SmartyAds60B$500Native, DSP, Banner, PushSmartyAds is a full stack programmatic ad buying company which offers the best-in-class profitable ad monetization and media buying solutions for advertisers and publishers in the digital marketing industryVisit Site
Snapchat AdsSocial, MobileReach an engaged audience with Snapchat Ads for Business, a mobile advertising platform for achieving your business goals.Visit Site
SovrnSovrn powers great publishers. We build tools and advertising products to help you grow and operate your business, earn more money, and manage your audience.Visit Site
Spider.AdVideo, Text, Mobile, Native, Banner, Mobile InterstitialsVisit Site
SplickyVisit Site
SpongecellVisit Site
SponsorAdsVisit Site
SpotX.tvVideoVisit Site
SpotXchangeVisit Site
SpoutableNativeVisit Site
SpringServeVideoVisit Site
Stallion MediaPops, BannerVisit Site
StartApp$70MobileStartApp is an insight driven mobile tech company that enables its partners to deliver the world's most fulfilling mobile experiences for their users.Visit Site
SulekhaVisit Site
SulvoVideo, Mobile, BannerVisit Site
SVG MediaMobile, SocialVisit SiteSVG Media, a Dentsu Aegis Network company is the Largest Indian Digital Media Company with over 150+ Million Unique Visitors. SVG Media started its India operations in 2006 and is the launch pad for successful digital advertising technology media businesses.
SVG Media houses leading Performance, Mobile, Social, Data Targeting and Rich Media businesses such as DGM, Seventynine and Komli. SVG Media represents more than 70% of India's Internet base. It serves as a single platform for all the digital media needs. Currently, SVG Media has presence in India, South East Asia and the Middle East.
DGM, India's Leading Digital Ad Network, offers a suite of online marketing solutions that incorporate advanced technologies and marketing expertise. We have the distinction of working with blue chip clients across the globe for more than last 12 years to drive measurable results on the digital medium.
DGM India works on proprietary technology platform- DAST [dgM Ad Serving Technology] that combines the latest ad serving technologies with advanced web analytics to maximize your advertising revenue. It is highly scalable and reliable device independent ad serving technology. Running on more than 50 servers, spread over 3 continents it is backed by high performance AMAZON CLOUD SERVICES. CloudFront, Amazon CDN services are used to deliver from the edge delivery of the creatives.
The largest Indian Digital Media Network
Switch ConceptsMobile, BannerVisit Site
Synergy-EVisit Site
Taboola400BNative, Banner, PushTaboola is the world's leading discovery & native advertising platform that helps people explore what's interesting and new in the moment of next.Visit Site
TaggedTagged makes it easy to meet and socialize with new people through games, shared interests, friend suggestions, browsing profiles, and much more.Visit Site
TaggifyDSPTaggify is a full-stack programmatic out of home platform that helps Brands and Screen owners to improve on each part of the ecosystem.Visit Site
TanxVisit Site
TapadMobile, Native, Pops, BannerVisit Site
Tapjoy$100MobileWe connect advertisers with their ideal audience in the world's most popular mobile games and apps. Learn how Tapjoy is revolutionizing the mobile industry.Visit Site
Tappx$50Video, MobileJoin our developers community and get users for your app for free. Try our monetization solution, set your CPM and increase your revenuesVisit Site
TapticaVideo, MobileTaptica is a global mobile advertising technology company that helps the world's top brands reach their most valuable users with the widest range of traffic sources available today.Visit Site
Targeleon2B$50Adult, Pops, Push, SmartlinkTargeleon is the best CPI, CPA and mobile affiliate network website. Monetize and Earn More with your Mobile and Desktop Traffic. It helps app developers monetize their mobile apps.Visit SiteOur optimized system helps to locate the perfect client and can also narrow down your target audience by GEO, region, city, device, OS, browser, or carrier
We deliver premium converting traffic from carefully selected, well-established, and approved sources
You are the boss - take full control over your campaigns, targetings, funds
XML and OpenRTB options are available to buy pop / push / native traffic
Our in-house anti-fraud system, combined with top quality monitoring services
Target PerformanceVisit Site
TargetooDSPVisit Site
TeadsVideoVisit Site
Text EnhanceVisit Site
The Meet GroupVisit Site
The Reach GroupVisit Site
The Trade DeskDSPVisit Site
The Traffic GeeksVisit Site
Together NetworksVisit Site
Tonic$100Adult, Domain Redirect, Pops, Email, Display, ExitThe Traffic MarketplaceVisit SiteTraffic from all over the world
Target by country, keywords, categories, sources, browser, carrier, devices
100% Self Service Interface
Our traffic comes from parked domains, developed websites and emails
Targeted traffic from $0.001 per click
TrafficBroker$100Adult, BannerVisit SiteGet full control over your campaigns, budget expanses, filteration and campaign tracking
Filter relevant traffic types that fits your specific needs
Protecting your campaigns to receive only real quality traffic
Competitive mobile traffic prices with many targeting options
reach out to millions of targeted customers and see instant results
TrafficFactory180B$500Adult, Pops, Native, Banner, VideoTraffic Factory is the pioneer of RTB and monetization for different audiences. Through the combination of a market-leading publisher network and an added emphasis of premium value.Visit SiteOptimum ad placements across a multitude of devices and bidding models
Attention to Ad quality & user experience
Premium and market-leading Publisher Network
A sophisticated yet user-friendly R.T.B Platform
10 years experience providing an extensive and wide ranging network
TrafficForce15B$100Adult, Banner, Pops, Video, PushTrafficForce.com - Digital Marketing. Access dependable, Real Time Bidding, pay-per-impression, & flat rate traffic solutions to your website and advertisements. Targeted quality traffic that converts. Maximize your ROI today. Buy Traffic.Visit SiteOur entire traffic ecosystem is managed in house.
Mobile traffic targeting includes choice of device
Full access to CPM Display, Pop-under, Pre-roll video, Push notification
Rich Media, In Text, Video or Mobile Ad formats
Keyword targets make fine-tuning your campaign simple
TrafficHaus30B$200Adult, Pops, Banner, Video, Text, Navigation Tab, Interstitial, Instant Message, Chat HeadTrafficHaus gives advertisers access to a billion high-quality ad views a day and publisher direct inventory, while publishers can reduce costs and increase revenue.Visit SiteThe quality of our publications we represent reflects the quality of the traffic we offer.
We do not work with publications that use ad bots
Devices (web/mobile/tablet), site, zone location, geo-location, categories, and keywords are some of the many tools we offer to maximize your ROI, and reach your intended consumer
Our unique ad reporting interface and tools allow for multi-level reporting across targets, multi-column sorting for comparison reporting, real time analysis to keep your campaign optimized
Billions of Impressions Daily
TrafficHolderAdult, Pops, BannerVisit Site
TrafficHunt1B$100Adult, Pops, BannerVisit SiteBased on real-time analytics, TrafficHunt defines what traffic segments bring high revenue to your campaign, and sets the bid prices according to the earned revenue
Easily create, manage and monitor your banner ad campaigns in real-time
Get in the heart of your audience with the best conversion rate on the market
Track CTR, sales and ROI in real time with an easy to use, intuitive interface
Retargeting gives ability to return the audience interested in the specific offer again to the target page
TrafficJunky42B$100Adult, Banner, Interstitial, PopsPromote your business online at TrafficJunky.com. Reach new PC and mobile clients on the most highly trafficked websites with the TJ Ad Network.Visit SiteOver 25 Premium Publishers to choose from
across PC, Mobile and Tablet devices
RON consists of over 2,000 Publisher sites that are manually reviewed
Target Internet Service Provider
Auto-optimization fine-tunes your campaigns for ad performance
High volumes of targeted traffic
TrafficshopAdult, Banner, Pops, Skimmed, NativeTrafficshop is an international traffic network offering traffic monetization to publishers and targeted traffic to advertisers. Buy traffic that converts!Visit SiteMobile and desktop banners, native ads, pop unders, skimmed traffic
Our easy to implement S2S tracking is here to help you control traffic performance in real time
There is a sophisticated quality control system in place allowing us filter our fraud, bot, malware traffic thus providing you with the quality
Reach that right audience using geo, city, browser, language, frequency cap, ip ranges, day parting and more
TrafficStars60B$100Adult, Banner, Pops, Push, Video, Interstitial, NativeWith over 2 Billion impressions delivered daily, TrafficStars is a premium self-serving ad network with OpenRTB capabilities.Visit SiteReach Millions Of
Users Daily
Gain access to exclusive traffic sources of the highest quality
Take advantage of our retargeting feature to target users based on your data
Target users by Country, Language, Category,
OS, Device, Browser, Carrier and IP Range
Our detailed, real-time statistics provide you with powerful insights to optimise your campaigns
TrafMagVisit Site
TrellianAdult, Native, Domain RedirectTrellian - A leader Direct Navigation and Zero Click traffic. Since 1997 Trellian has been developing website marketing and search engine promotion tools to dramatically increase the traffic to your website.Visit SiteCost-Per-Visitor (CPV) real-time bidding platform has enabled advertisers to acquire quality direct navigation traffic
Our FraudPrevent technology uses the highest level filtering to ensure that you only receive top quality, brand safe traffic
User intent is carefully researched via our KeyIntent process so that only highly relevant traffic is sent to your campaigns
Our tracking tags allow you to enhance campaign performance with blacklisting and whitelisting optimization
Our global network gives you substantial worldwide opportunities by offering traffic from over 200 countries
Trending.bidPushVisit Site
TribalAd Network$50BannerVisit Site
TripleLiftNativeStand out and blend in with eye-catching ads that match the look and feel of their environment.Visit Site
TubeMogulDSPVisit Site
Twitter AdsSocialAdvertise on Twitter Solutions to help you achieve your business goalsVisit Site
TyrooVisit Site
UC UnionVisit Site
Underdog MediaVisit Site
UndertoneVideo, Mobile, Pops, Rich Media, BannerVisit Site
UngAdsBanner, Pops, Push, NativeVisit Site
Valassis DigitalVisit Site
ValueCommerceVisit Site
Vdo.ai$100VideoVisit Site
VeoxaVisit Site
Verizon MediaBanner, VideoVisit Site
VerticalScopeVisit Site
Vertoz$1,000Native, Banner, Video, MobileVisit Site
Vi.aiVideoVisit Site
ViantVisit Site
ViroolDirect LinksVisit Site
VizuryVisit Site
VoluumDSP210B$500Native, Banner, DSPVisit Site
vServMobileVisit Site
Vungle$1,000MobileWelcome to Vungle, leaders of mobile advertising and app monetization. With creativity and performance, we transform how people discover and engage with mobile apps.Visit Site
WeboramaVisit Site
WideOrbitVisit Site
Wiget Media$500BannerVisit Site
Wingoads30B$50Adult, Mobile, Interstitial, Banner, Domain RedirectWeb & Mobile traffic Ad network, CPM/CPA/CPI/CP?/RevShare pricing models.Visit SiteOur ad network serves more than 1+ billion ad impressions every day
Rely on our advanced targeting features (geo, language, OS, browser, sites, device...) to reach your audience and meet your CPA goals
Wingoads assure high ad standards and offers ad safety, we care about all things important for you: geo-compliance, viewability, ad fraud etc
Let our Smart Link auto-optimize your traffic
Follow your campaigns in real-time and set precise user capping and daily budgets
XandrVideoVisit SiteXandr Media is the industry leader in addressable and audience-based advertising.
We combine our large scale portfolio of ad inventory across a premium content library with precise audience targeting capabilities and advanced advertising solutions to deliver better value for advertisers.
Reach the audience you want without paying for the ones you don't. Combine the power of TV with the precision targeting and personalized creative of digital.
Leverage the nation's largest TV footprint to ignite mass-market awareness for your brand.
Live and VOD inventory available across 70+ networks on desktop, mobile, and Connected TV devices.
XaxisVisit Site
Yahoo GeminiNative, Video, SearchDrive traffic to your website, raise brand awareness, promote your app, and increase your online salesVisit Site
Yandex AdvertisingSmart insights about Yandex advertising products. Russian online market trends, case studies and articles.Visit Site
YeahMobiVisit Site
YengoVisit Site
YllixMediaVisit Site
YoumiVideo, MobileYoumi has created a full stack mobile marketing solution for traffic buyers & sellers, networks and affiliates.Visit SiteTake advantage of big data and AI technologies for matching the campaign needs with the right sources to ensure efficient campaign execution and maximize the ROI. We can help both advertisers and publishers succeed within the performance-based marketing.
Responsive optimization engine will use historical advertising data to improve campaign performance. Use efficient machine learning algorithms minimize cost and maximize ROI.
Offer and traffic types have been labelled and tracked. With deeper insight into both advertisers and publishers, we can make proactive changes to your digital advertising strategies.
Artificial intelligence machine learning made simple.
Dynamic material optimizing in line with preset CPA.
YoutubeVideoVisit Site
ZedoVisit Site
Zergnet30BVisit Site
Zeropark105B$200Adult, Pops, Domain Redirect, PushZeropark . Advertise and monetize your traffic with the power of performance marketing. Worldwide reach. Advanced optimization and targetingVisit SiteManual and automatic bot filtering
Target by geos, keywords, devices, carriers, OS versions and more
Let AI optimize your campaign to an eCPA goal or set up automation rules
A/B test your Push Ads creatives by distributing traffic among up to five ad variants
3,5 billions ads served daily
Zeus CPAVideo, Text, Mobile, Native, BannerVisit Site
Zool Ad NetworkPushVisit Site
Zoolley$25PushZool Ad Network is an Online Advertising Network and Website Traffic Platform For Websites And Businesses. Buy Website Traffic Cheaply And Receive Targeted VisitorsVisit Site
ZwaarPopsVisit Site

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