Points to Consider when Choosing Web Hosting

A website is a website you create for your business, hobby, or blog. You want it to be available 24/7. You can only make that happen if you choose a reliable web hosting provider. Good luck if you pick a poor one.

It is important to be aware of what you should look for when selecting a provider. Before we get to the important stuff, let’s discuss the disadvantages of choosing a poor (and often cheap) provider.

The disadvantages of bad web hosting:

Loss in revenue and audience

If your website is down, you risk losing potential customers. People will think your company is not reliable if your website is down all the time. If your website is focused on your hobby, you should make it easy for people to visit your site and see what you are doing. While you’re likely to want to attract an audience, it’s unlikely that they will come if the site they’re looking for isn’t available.

Negative effect on your rank

A website’s goal is usually to attract many people. You will aim to rank higher in search results. Your ranking could be negatively affected if your site doesn’t show up in search engines’ results. Slow websites can also affect your ranking. It’s not pleasant for people to wait for pages to load. This is especially true when they are surfing the internet.

Security breaches and attacks

Every day, hackers target websites to steal data, scam or cause damage. It’s impossible for a website to be secure, but a reliable host will make it harder to hack and keep your data safe. It is not a good idea to lose all of your data or the trust of your customers and visitors.

We’ve already covered the disadvantages of bad hosts, so let’s move on to the next topic: how to find a good web host.

Choosing the right provider:

Before you continue reading, it is important to know that there are many types of hosting. You can choose from managed, dedicated and VPS hosting.

The customer support is the most important aspect of choosing a reliable provider. Even though you may have a great host, if they don’t respond to your problem, then what can you do? While most providers offer 24/7 support, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get an immediate response. Do your research.

The up-time record would come in second. This is very important, as I have said before. It would be hard to maintain a 100% uptime. However, I would choose a host that has one between 95% to 99%.

However, there is the issue of cost. Many providers are very affordable. They’re not reliable. You usually get what you pay, so it is better to pick a web host that is a bit more expensive.

When choosing a website, the last thing I consider is its ability to be upgraded. Your website should be able to handle increasing traffic. A good amount of RAM and hard drive space can make a big difference.

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