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Null or empty information getting published in Mysql database utilizing Node JS and Postman SOLVED

Hi everybody in this video I'' ll be revealing you how to resolve the problem null or empty information is getting published in your mySQL database when utilizing node.js in addition to Postman so let'' s get going so presently I'' m having here a very basic node.js code this is my connection and this is my post operation over here and I have actually likewise done whole CRUD operations like post put upgrade and erase if you wish to see the whole tutorial you can simply click the card that is appearing on the top so now I will reveal you how to fix this concern so the code is completely great due to the fact that if I simply go to my Postman and if I once again send it I'' ll be getting published once again however there is no mistake appearing in my console too and if I go to my MySQL DB and if I simply run once again I'' ll be getting 2nd null row so there is some problem with our Postman or some other MySQL DB alright due to the fact that the code is.

Definitely great over here so the reason we are getting this mistake is since in the postman when sending our demand payload or our information we have actually discussed it as text over here the format so we require to alter this text to Json or your needed format like XML or whatever you desire so now you can see that it has actually been highlighted due to the fact that we are sending out the information in a kind of Json secret and worth sets however we have actually discussed it as regular plain text so if I recently send it yeah it is published and if I simply go to my database and pick the contents and if I simply move it up so here you can see right this time the information has actually been published so easy simply alter the format from text to Json or any other format that is required all right so I hope you would have discovered this video helpful I likewise done lots of other tutorials in node.js react.js mongodb.

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